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how to advertise 2 static routes as internal routes in EIGRP

hi ALL,

i would like you to share information for the below case,

i have 3 subnets behaind a firewall ( FW not cisco not supporting EIGRP)

on core switch i have created 3 static routes pointing these networks to the firewall.

static routes are redistributed in to the EIGRP.

EIGRP advertise these network as External EIGRP routes ( as Normal) AD=170

same network are advertised through RIP AD=120 on the backup links (slower links)

EIGRP is running on links the MUCH faster than links running RIP

EIGRP  is running on primary links and RIP running on backup links

remote rouers/ L3 switches are using the RIP with the slower links as prefered links over EIGRP with faster links.

AD 120 RIP      <    170  EIGRP

how to make these routes advertized for the static routes as internal routes or at least better than AD 120 or better than the RIP routes.


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A network redistributed into EIGRP will always be considered and advertised as external. In addition, you cannot selectively modify an AD of EIGRP external routes. What you can do is to assign a lower AD all EIGRP-learned external routes using the command:

router eigrp ... ! Replace with your EIGRP AS/process number

distance eigrp 90 119

This will make your router assign the AD of 119 to all external EIGRP routes. Once again, note that this modification has to be configured on all EIGRP-enabled routers in your network, as the AD is a local criterion not advertised by any protocol.

Best regards,



thanks Peter,

i have tried this before, All RIP updates disapear.which is for me not comportable, rip database almost empty except for the local advertised routes.

the main problem in this case is all routes that must be reached through the slow link are now reached all throught the Fast link

the slow link become idle

also i have tried to summaries these routes as it is on the outgoing interfaces but no luck.

see attached image for more details.

i will appreciate any help to only change these networks (statics routes ) to look like EIGRP internal Route.


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