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How to configure " Management VLAN "

Dear All,

I have configured VLAN 2 as a Native Vlan. Now I want to configure VLAN 3 as a Management Vlan.

I have read from one article that we can configure Management Vlan by a command "management-vlan vlan-id". I tried this command on my cisco 2950 & 2960 Switches, but was not able to find.

I have read on the forums as well that how to configure the Management Vlan, I found that by assigning only the ip address to VLAN 3, we can configure Management Vlan.

I am too much confused about it that how to configure the Management Vlan.

Please guide me the exact way to configure the Management Vlan.


Re: How to configure " Management VLAN "

  Management vlan is nothing special its just the vlan you determine that you want to use on your switches .  Just trunk the vlan  you want to use down to your access swsitches and assign a ip address and the default gateway in that vlan .  I have never seen that command that you mentioned and older switches like a 2950 would not have it .


Re: How to configure " Management VLAN "


A sample would simply be like this:

Switch(config)#int vl3

Switch(config-if)#ip add

It would be helpful if you assign your switches on the same subnet for consistency and for troubleshooting ease.

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Re: How to configure " Management VLAN "


I did the configuration according to the Mr glen.grant reply....... below is the configuration.

Switch(config)#vlan 3

Switch(config)#int fa 0/3

Switch(config-if)#switchport access vlan3

Switch(config)# int fa 0/3

Switch(config-if)# switchport mode trunk

Switch(config)# int vlan 3

Switch(config-vlan)#ip add

Switch(config)# ip default-gateway

I think, I did the right configuration ? But you can guide me wherever you feel, I did anything wrong or missing.

Thanks............. for all of you for your help..................

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Re: How to configure " Management VLAN "

This is an old thread but I had the same problem but found the solution. First my switch was running IOS 12.4. My management vlan that I wanted to always be up was vlan 2. I do NOT have any ports in vlan 2 but I needed to be able to reach this SVI at all times. I made sure my trunk port was set to allow vlan 2 as well as all the other vlans I needed.


Switch# Conf t
Switch(config)# int vlan 2
Switch(config-if)# ip add ###.###.###.###
Switch(config-if)# exit
Switch(config)# vlan 2
Switch(config-vlan)# state active
Switch(config-vlan)# end
Switch# wr mem


That set the VLAN to always be active and brought the SVI with the IP address I assigned to an up/up state.

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