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Hi guys, I have here 2 troubleshooting tasks my teacher intentionally made mistakes in. One where there is a fault with the switch (I have to find out why there is no remote connection to my switch2) and the other where there are faults at the router...

Previously I had a stack of 4 x Cisco Catalyst 2960X switches. I removed switch 1 to use somewhere else.So I issued the command:switch 2 renumber 1After a reload, the switch 2 is still switch 2, and there is still no switch 1.There is also no config ...

HiCurrently experiencing a problem with 4 IE3300-8p2s switches with 240W power supply cabled to DC A and DC B.The PoE budget is only showing as 125w. This remains the same whether both DC are connected or just one.I believe the PoE budget should be m...

PaulT by Beginner
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I'm currently trying to find MIB files for the Cisco Catalyst 2920-XR Series switch stack. In one of the support page that I stumbled upon (https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst2960/software/release/12-2_55_se/configuration/guid...

OliSpp by Beginner
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I have issues with our switch, including an appearance notification that says "MainbMainboard authentication failed." Abort init... and I open tieckt with cisco and request me provide below information :switch:setswitch:versionswitch:gettlvswitch:dir...

malhalafi by Beginner
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May I know if the storm control feature only affects the traffic within the same subnet?My customer is using some of CISCO switches for network switching. I have used WireShark to found that one of network switches that CISCO 9500 sent RST flat to re...

JasonCN by Beginner
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With Cisco IOS is there a similar command to 'mass' configure settings for interfaces.eg in CatOs you put:Set vlan 1 2/1-10 so the command has impact on ports 1 to 10. Is there a similar command in IOS to put settings for more interfaces in one comm...

I've been chasing this issue for a couple of weeks now, but I'm running out of ideas and/or not understanding how to have this multicast network setup, so needing some help.We have a vCenter environment with 4 ESXi hosts. These hosts have a DSwitch s...

Boaisy by Beginner
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Hi   Please could someone tell me how to configure a C9500 switch interface that is named Twentyfivegige as a 1G mode uplink to a ISR 4351 router. media type is fibre therefore is it just a case of using a 1G SFP or is configuration requiered on the ...

COLIN by Beginner
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What i need is how to apply this code on many devices?I tried to make a text file with many IP addresses in it, but the code was applied only on the last IP i had on my txt list! from netmiko import ConnectHandlerfrom getpass import getpasspassword =...

moudar123 by Participant
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