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paul dungey

how to copy an IOS image from one switch to a switch with a deleted IOS image


I have a Cisco switch 3560G with a missing IOS image, how do I go about copying a IOS image from an identical Switch 3560G to PC and then copying that image to the corrupted switch,



Frequent Contributor

Hi Paul,

If it is completely corrupted you will have to do it via xmodem over the console cable I believe. I have done this once a long time ago and I remember it took a while... it was successful though.

To copy the relevant IOS you require to your PC -

Install some tftp software onto your PC. I use tftp32 / 64 (this is free)

You need to ensure you have IP connectivity between the working switch and your PC if you follow below.

From the working switch using the copy command you copy the current IOS. Find the IOS name you want to copy from flash :

AZ-BAK-3560-01#dir flash:
Directory of flash:/

4 -rwx 11772212 Mar 4 1993 20:12:23 +00:00 c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE9.bin

Your IOS may be different from above..

See my test copy below -

AZ-BAK-3560-01#copy flash: tftp:
Source filename []? c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE9.bin
Address or name of remote host []?              - This will be your PC IP
Destination filename [c3560-ipbasek9-mz.122-55.SE9.bin]?

This will copy the IOS to your PC. You can then follow the recovery procedure for xmodem here -

BTW, going the console route does take quite some time.  If you use that technique, pushing the console port to its faster supported rate, with your PC, will cut down transfer time (also BTW, remember to reset rate back to standard 9600 before rebooting) and/or perhaps if your PC and the 3560 support it, XMODEM-1K, will cut the transfer time some too.

The fault was found with the circuit board it's self the fan on the back of the unit is running at full speed, the two units have now been scrapped, again thank you for your help and support.

Mark Malone
VIP Mentor

is the 3560 your trying to put it on in rommon as there is no image currently ? if its is you will have to do tftpdnld to get an image onto it

rommon1>IP_ADDRESS= ip_address
rommon2>IP_SUBNET_MASK= ip_address
rommon3>DEFAULT_GATEWAY= ip_address
rommon4>TFTP_SERVER= ip_address
rommon5>TFTP_FILE= filename

to pull it from current switch use these commands , you can use tftp or ftp/scp depending what you have setup on your pc

copy flash:/(ios image filename) tftp

BTW, many Cisco devices, possibly the 3560 too, can act as an tftp server.  I.e. using an intermediate PC isn't always required.