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how to reset SRW2016


hi im not sure if im in the right forum so please dont delete..


i got this SRW2016 switch  i got this cisco usb to db9 pin cable but that didnt work  for the console

i had a usb to 9pn to get a com port 5    and i had a couple female to femal  db9 cables kicking around i tried  to connect to the switch.. i used Hyperterminal  but i can not connect to this thing..  i using angry IP scanner to try to scan  the entire ip range  going to take forever... but how do you reset this is there a program  my own network is    but is there a way to get the ip of the switch as its not

do the numbers on the back of the switch help...

is there any programs that will scan this switch?? any help be great

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Mark Malone
did you try this , reset it if the IP has been changed from default , get it back to .254

ya i read that before i even took the switch apart.. this fake news for this one there is no such thing..

from  the manual says you use the rs232 port

and cable that comes with it.. 

i had a friend give me the USB to r232 female cisco one.. computer cant even detect a comport  so i guess thats usless


i have a usb to r232 and i use a female to female cables i had kicking around using hyperterminal  but i dont see a screen 




here is the manual


There maybe something up with the connection , have you tested the terminal setup on another device to make sure its working
looking at chapter 4 on that doc , it can definitely have console access , once you get that you should be able to wipe it , if console access though is broke you may as well bin it or replace it anyway as you cant reset it and you dont have the previous settings IPs or passwords to access it

does the com port not even pop up in device manager section with a warning , anything ? your PC may need the driver added if not working for the USB connector , ive had to add them before , just google the part name with USB driver or get a generic USB - cisco driver online and try it

the r232 com port dongle i have windows sees so i added a female to female db9 cable

and hypertermal connects or least says it does.. as long as you dont check off check for loss  something like that


as for the cisco one.. its just a usb  with a r323  i figured then the comport setting is in the switch  and not in the dongle itself  

and since i cant find what actualyl came with this unit is frustrating... and havent tested my cable if its a cross over or a stright through cable...  


for now i been  using ip scanner  on my network  it scanned some ips  but none are the switch...  they internet ones.. i  like it works as a regular switch  i just wanted to use the managed part...   


and when i ask linksys for support  they said  even though it says linksys its a cisco issues.. i contact cisco  they say its a linksys  issue  contact belkin  like frig lol


cisco cable one. computer doesnt see cable one. computer doesnt see this my rs232 to usb this detects in windows  but will not connect to switchhere this my rs232 to usb this detects in windows but will not connect to switch

i finally got it in  

i bought this device


i was able to reset switch and im in it...  i wanna upgrade the firmware  

it has vs   on it right now


but googling points both to linksys and cisco  i cant get the one file


keeps saying cant download it...




You need contract to get Cisco files the device must be supported under a contract with the serial listed , they cant be given out on the forum due to copyright laws , if you dont have a contract you could search around the web you my find a copy uploaded somewhere

oh so its not like a normal  thing you search for your model number and just download the latest firmware like you do with any router?


i contacted linksys as they had live chat.. i didnt know  cisco and linksys partied ways in 2013 they no longer the same company.. wonder what went wrong..


but ok ill search for that email 



ok so i emailed them..  i thought you had spelling error  contract    i figured you ment contact.


well only way i can get firmware update of this switch is to purchase some contract to use it..

im just a simple home user  a friend got me the switch out of the garbage as the company upgraded to 10gb switchs and all fibre


and here i thought it was going to be a simple enter firmware and download  your firmware  like linksys or dlink

so  guess ill just stick with this org firmware.. not worth it i just home user no one special to purchase a license just to download a simple firmware..


thanks for the info


do you guys know much about this vlan stuff 

and can the srw21016 do it


i use pfsense as my router..

my lan  is

i set up VLAN  2

i setup VLAN 3


in the srw2016  i set 

Vlan 2  to Include Port 15

Vlan 3 to inclide Port 16  


but my lan 192.168.0.x   can not ping anything on that network  what i doing wrong  or can this switch even do that


im a home user not advance network admin so bare with my question please

small routers sometimes usually just do 1 LAN network , is there a section to enter multiple address ranges in the LAN section ? if nt then it can probly just do 1 vlan

on here 

default is VLAN1

i added a VLAN10  for port 2

and i added a VLAN20 for port 15


i have fiddled with the Trunk/General/Access settings for the PVID settings of the Vlan Interface  setting to 10 20 

from the 1  

i get confused as i just learning vlans  and this  isnt plug and play like a router lol



they just need to be access ports if all on the router itself , you would only need a trunk connection if there is a switch in place connected running the same vlans , then you would add as you said all the vlans to the trunk port back to the switch and the same on opposing switch port , then the other ports on the switch would be selected as specific access ports too, if the router has switchports too its also doing the layer 3 routing between the vlan interfaces you have set up , but you may have to tick a box somewhere for intervlan routing on smaller GUI based routers

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