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How to telnet to multiple subnets from my laptop


I am still struggling wit telnet options.

I have this scenario:

3 x 2801 routers

1 x 2811 router.

1 X 3550 poe switch

All of the routers have ip adresses starting with ranges 10.10.X.X

But they all have different subnets.

i have statically gave my laptop 'n ip address in the range 10.X X X with subnet mask /24

i configured all of my routers with

ospf area 1

network area 0

So they can propogate together ( is not working)

All the routers are provided with telnet open connections (line console 0 password XXX login) ( line vty 0 4 ( password XXX login)

I also configured switchtrunk ports in my poe switch for the routers

When i do a sh cdp neighbours i can see the routers.

I have my switch connected by a console cable (COM1) i am able to login directly in my switch.

What i would like to do is from the putty client open a new connection to all of the routers or from the other routers
open a new telnet session to the other routers.

till nowe i am not getting it fixed.

can someone please help

i am adding a ip adressing table to make all things clear.

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Hi Monasir,

Did you try network area 0 instead of

Also, what is the default gateway of the laptop?



Nick Bonifacio CCIE #38473


When you do a "show IP OSPF Neighbor" command from any of the routers, do you see neighboring routers in the table.

Your comment "So they can propagate together ( is not working)" infers to me that your OSPF processes are not working between each router. Yes? No?

Maybe you could post the configs of your routers. That would help.

I've checked the following:

All my routers have : router ospf 1 network area 0

If i do a ; sh ip ospf neighouring i don't see nothing

My laptop has a with mask /24

Default gateway :

I've also added the configs of all the routers and switch in the original discussions.

Any help would be appreciate!

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