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Hi everyone,I have question here about VACL.I have 2 - 3550 switches running HSRP.They have vlan 10,20 and 30 configured.3550A is Active for vlans 10,20 and 30.3550A then connects to layer 2 switches A and B.Layer 2 Switch A has vlan 10Layer 2 switch...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Good Day,One of my co-workers upgraded a server from Mac OS Lion 10.7.4 to Developer Preview 10.8 yesterday and now the bonded nic does not work.The config on the switch worked prior to the OS update.This is the how the config looks now.-------------...

Anyone knows the answer that we upgrade IOS and replaced module for 6509 but after that DLSW circuit is not being established. The connection is like We have router --> router  (Remote and local dlsw peer) then go to switch 6509 (which we replaced mo...

Device:  asr9kSoftware: 4.2.1show mrib route.........(, RPF nbr: Flags:  Up: 13:16:35  Incoming Interface List    GigabitEthernet0/1/0/10.100 Flags: A, Up: 13:16:35(, RPF nbr: Flags:  Up...

jwstric22 by Level 1
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hi ,i read alot about password recovery , but when i apply it to cisco 7604 it failsi went to rommon mode and typed#  confreg 0x2142hen i typed resetwhen the router startup it request a password form me ,i can enter the user mode , and when i type sh...

Dr.X by Level 2
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Hi,I am trying to aggregate routes while advertising BGP. I have two problems while doing that.Prob1:I am trying to redistribute OSPF routes into BGP.This is my routing table. is variably subnetted, 4 subnets, 2 masksC

chid_1989 by Level 1
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            I am setting up LACP links to a HP c7000 blade enclosure and am seeing something I have never seen before...  I configure two 10Gb interfaces to be members of "channel-group 10 mode active" and then configure the specific trunk info under...

       Hello.        I'm having a problem understanding a question related to EIGRP.I've attached an Image of the question with the exhibit.I'd like to know If answer a. Implies that the wrong manual route summary was enabled on the R5 Interface.  I ...

Reprovoid by Level 1
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Good Day to you experts!     if I want to take the exam for the CCNA, and I don't have credit card Can I just use the credit card of my friend and use it to pay for my exam?.Any response will be appreciated. Thanks A Lot