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HSRP and Stacking

hey experts!

hsrp and stacking provide bth physcial redundancy right? in terms of proximity, if the device are in the same locate ion i mean rack, can i use stacking to replace hsrp? this way i can save ip address and not limited to the hsrp group limitation per pltform. i use vlan interface as the l3 interface.

tell me if this is good and what are the pros and cons?


Re: HSRP and Stacking

i hav 2 l3 swith in a stack to replace my previous 2 l3 switch in hsrp. i have two firwall active/standby connect to this 2 switch in stack, 1 firewall connect to one switch the other firewall connect to second switch. firewall gateway is in vlan interface. i have 2 router as uplink to this 2 l3 stack switch, they connect giga and router is running hsrp. is this good? won't i experience loop or broadcast? how to cofigre etherchannel, can you give me some url link?

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Re: HSRP and Stacking

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Re: HSRP and Stacking


You can go head in what you have mentioned above & you need not worry the loops etc.... juz go through the link for the config & diagram, u will get better idea abt. unless & until u implement, u will b alwayz having a doubt, going through the link which will clearly make you understand.


Re: HSRP and Stacking

If you actually use stacking and you are using it to route then you really don't need hsrp . If you lose a single switch in a stack the remaing switches will continue to run normally with the layer 3 functions and you would only lose the devices attached to the failed switch. The other thing you would have to think about is if you have uplinks off this stack to somewhere else then you would be vulnerable there if you lost the switch with the attached uplink , this could be solved by using a crosstack etherchannel as a uplink to the upstream device .


Re: HSRP and Stacking

thanks, what is crosstak etherchnel can you give me a sample config?

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Re: HSRP and Stacking


The Main differece between HSRP & using Stack in 3750 is....

HSRP will b used in a situation where 2 core switches are physcially located in different places.

where as stack switches, it has be placed within 3 meters range & maximum of 9 switches can be stacked together.

but one think you should keep in mind that for both HSRP & Stack is, each access layer switches has to get connected 1 to Main Switch & the other to Standby on HSRP & the same to Stack i.e. 1 to Stack-1 & the other to Stack-2, the difference is on for HSRP you need not hav Etherchannel configured, where on Stack, etherchannel has to be configured between the core switch & Access Layer switch.



Core-1 -----> 2950

Core-2 -----> 2950

here etherchannel is not required


Stack-1 ----> 2950

Stack-2 ----> 2950

here you need to configure etherchannel

etherchannel is combing two physcial ports in to 1 logical ports.

eg. 1Gbps x 2 physcial ports = 2Gbps logical port

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