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HSRP issue


I have two floors in my company first floor (site A) has two Core switches 3750 configured with HSRP (Active and Standby) HSRP is working fine, once the active core goes down the standby became active one, the other floor (Site B)is same has two cores 3560 with HSRP (Active and standby) and also working fine. we have connected the two sites together (Active to Active) and (Standby to Standby) and using EIGRP 100 configured on all these 4 cores so two sties can reach each other fine, issue coming from here lets say Active 3750 became down so the Standby became active once this happen the two sites can't reach each other and same if the main active 3560 goes down the other one became active and can;t reach the other site. after some investigation i realized that this issue may be because if the Active Core 3750 became down the other 3750 will became active and in that case this Active one will be connected to the backup 3560 in the other site.

please check the attachment also


Due to the fact that you have

Due to the fact that you have the connection setup so that you can reach active from active and standby from standby once a hsrp change occurs only on one side you won't be able to reach the other one due to the fact that you don't have a route from active to standby. I suggest you make every device reach both devices on the other side so the active on site A reaches both active and standby and vice versa. 

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