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Implementing Cisco 1921 Router soon

Brett Paulins
Level 1
Level 1

Hello Group,

Our configuration started very simple. One class C network behind an ISP router and an ASA 5505 with a couple of users set up for ipsec vpn access and a handful NAT rules for web and smtp and such.

Recently, since going to a virtualized domain, I have configured several Vlans for management, vmotion, production, iSCSI storage, warehouse, etc. networks. Now we are discussing adding a second domain in the near future. My workstation has three NIC's in order to manage the different subnets. Consequently, I think we are about due for an internal router so I can more efficiently manage all networks via routing and ACL's.

As a recent Networking/Security graduate, I have the concept working by mirroring our environment in Packet Tracer with Vlans and router-on-a-stick; so I am familiar with sub-interfaces and routing. I was just looking for some insight on possible configuration problems with this on the ASA.

My question is, are there any major caveats to the ASA? Will this process break current NAT rules or VPN access?

Any comments appreciated.


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Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame


What device currently route between different vlans?

Currently we don't have one in place for internal routing. No actual routing is happening presently. We have just added an extra NIC in the vm if the device needs to access another specific vlan network.

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