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Hello I have setup two ports with two host conencted to them one with address and the other is I created two SVIs(VLAN70 = and VLAN80 = I am unable to ping the two hosts. Each host can pin...

petey1984 by Level 1
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Hi all, I've a simple doubt that needs clarificationSwitch AFa0/23 (VLAN 60, access mode). connect to the internet GW mask (for eg). Fa0/22 (VLAN505, access mode).PC B - connected to VLAN 505- IP address config...

Hello everyone,I'm starting my career as a Cisco engineer and have some doubts about certain infrastructure topics.This is the situation I'm facing in the company I'm working at currently:The company is replacing old routers and switches, and revampi...

stamac706 by Level 1
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Studying Ospf, and periodic flooding i found that ospf refresh it's LSA every 30 minutes (1800 seconds) if no change occur, but the output of my show ip ospf database shown an age of more than 1800 seconds as in the output above from my router 1800 s...

Hi Everyone,Hope someone can advise me. I am new to using Nexus switches.I have to connect a Nexus 5548 mgmt 0 port to an out of band switch Cisco 3560.There will be no trunk from the 3560 to our distribution, instead you have the OOB switch, running...

jrtmouton by Level 1
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Hi everybody.When using ipsec (  AH/ESP), both authentication and encryption require a secret key as dicussed in the following extract:                  Authentication calculates an Integrity Check Value (ICV) over the packet's contents, and it's usu...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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HI everybody   Please consider the following scenario on dhcp snooping on cisco switches.                                rest of network ---------SW1(f1/1-untrusted)-------------f1/2( untrusted) Sw2--------------------Dhcp serverAbove sw1 and sw2 bot...

sarahr202 by Level 5
  • 2 replies
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Hi there,I tried to upgrade the IOS on my internal AP and now I am in a reboot cycle. I have tried to manually boot the old and new IOS images from the rommon but neither are working. here is the output I am getting:ap: dir flash:Directory of flash:/...