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in what order should route-map lines be removed

                   Hi there

                    I have a route-map on a 6500 thats is very definitely no longer required. 2 attempts to remove it have been a disaster.

                    Config lines are as follows:

               access-list 60 permit 172.x.x.x.   (this ip range nowhere in use on the network)

               route-map eigrp-to-rip permit 20

                  match ip address 60

               router rip

                  redistribute eigrp XXX route-map eigrp-to-rip

                  default-metric 4

                At removal, ive typed

                      no redistribute eigrp XXX route-map eigrp-to-rip

                      redistribute eigrp XXX


                and lost 95% of my network (all easily recoverable by replacing the lines)

                The route-map and access-list ae not being used at all.

                Has anyone got any tips for how I can get this removed - for info the process is mush easier on 7206 VXRs!!!!

                Any help much appreciated


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in what order should route-map lines be removed

I am not quite sure what you are trying to do but the steps above just remove the route-map from the redistribution statement - it does not actually remove the route-map. To do that you would need the command:

#no route-map eigrp-to-rip

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in what order should route-map lines be removed


Looks like your route-map has more than just one statement applied - ( i am assuming this because of the  permit 20  statement.

So just to remove the route-map eigrp-to-rip permit 20

no route-map eigrp-to-rip permit 20

This will still redistribute eigrp into rip with the route-map  but not the statement relating to access-list 60 permit 172.x.x.x.



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in what order should route-map lines be removed

route-map eigrp-to-rip, permit, sequence 20

  Match clauses:

    ip address (access-lists): 60

  Set clauses:

  Policy routing matches: 0 packets, 0 bytes

This is the sum total of the route-map contents - there is no sequence 10?

I still need to get rid of the route-map statement off the redistribute line. It works but I lose a lot of network.

Thanks for your help so far


in what order should route-map lines be removed

Apologies  - removing the routemap itself, and taking it out of the router rip statement and removing the access-list makes 95% of the network disappear. I have no idea why. The access-list and route-map have zero hits. I suspect its something to do with the redistribution - does this need time to settle down?


in what order should route-map lines be removed

What do you mean when you say "95% of the network disappears"? Do you mean that you stop receiving a large number of routes (do a "show ip route" before and after making the change)?

Do you enter the "default-metric" command after "redistribute eigrp XXX"? Convergence time with rip can be in order of minutes depending on your environment. How long are you waiting?

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in what order should route-map lines be removed

I have several comments about this:

- I agree in wondering if the issue has to do with default metric being present or not. Reading the original post I assumed that the default-metric statement was independent of the route map. But if somehow the default metric was removed then it would certainly explain why so many routes disappeared.

- It is possible that it takes some time to return to normal. Remember that we are dealing with RIP as the routing protocol. And RIP does not converge quickly. When the redistribution was removed there was probably a flash update which will quickly remove routes. But when redistribution is configured again RIP has to start over learning the redistributed routes and advertising hop by hop (with the delay at each router hop as the router builds its table and then at the next advertisement interval advertises to its neighbors).

- in reading the thread I do not see how redistribution could have worked. And therefore can not explain the major impact when redistribution was removed. It makes me wonder if there is some part of the config that the original poster did not include because he thought it was not important but which would help us understand the issue.



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in what order should route-map lines be removed

Hi Richard

Thanks for this.

It would make sense that it is time for RIP to converge before panic sets in - how long would it usually take on a network of 3 routers? I know its about how long a piece of string is - but if all I have to do is wait I'd be happy!



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