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I have a CISCO2921. I am not able to bring up its gi0/1 interface. It stays down down.From http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/access/1900/software/configuration/guide/backup.html#wpxref16106, it looks like its gi0/1 interface is different from i...

I have 6513 - s72033_rp-ENTSERVICESK9_WAN-M), Version 12.2(18)SXF17a            .I want to do failover to the backup ISP with the "rtr" command (btw - ip sla command isnot available).I can configure rtr 2type echo protocol ipIcmpEcho sched...

aparikh by Beginner
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Resolved! Nexus Default VPC

Hi Netpro,I'm pretty new to Nexus and have been putting in quoite a large deployment. One thing that happened has made me question if this is the default Nexus behavior. We have 2x7k's, multiple 5K's and loads of 2K's. What I see is the following:We ...

Hello again,This is a continuation of my last post in which I need to apply ACLs to the physical ports within Etherchannels. The switch is a Catalyst 2970 running IOS 12.2. These Etherchannels are configured as trunks with 2 VLANS allowed on each tru...

Hi All,We have a stack of 4 Cisco WS-3750G-24TS with Sw  Version 12.2(52) SE and giving weird errors:--Traceback= 17211C8 16FA4C0 16FA4FC 18625E4 18608D4 286A850 283E6FC 282EDF4 2859BBC 1B2EDA8 1B25878 Oct 17 22:26:48 AEDT: %SNMP-3-CPUHOG: Processing...

priteshth by Beginner
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I have a setup where - I have a cisco stack (4X SGE2010 Switches)  trunking over to a 3COM switch.  Both switches believe to be the "ROOT" of the network. Note The 3COM is running RSTP as opposed to the Cisco Stack which is running normal STP. To my ...

Colourful by Beginner
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Hey, AllI am facing some come-and-go broadcast storm on my network. Here is the story: I got report from end-users, who connect back to main office through ISP MPLS fibre network, saying they had some server disconnection and were experiencing slow I...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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Hello Every Body,I want to know if it is possible  to load balance between 2 routes, wich have 2 different ISP interface.In attachement you have the scenario.I have my primary router with an ISP of 4 MBand a second router with an ISP of 2 MBIs it pos...

     Hi everybodyI am reading about how to configure cisco router as dhcp server and troublshoot any issue related to itI performed this lab as shown below:              R1--f0/0- is configured as dhcp clientR2...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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I have a couple new SG300's with software version connected to a pair of 6500s.  They have only a couple of VLANs trunked to them.  However, each of them are insisting they are the root of the spanning tree, even though both of the 6500s hav...

pashdown1 by Beginner
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I've come to a new enviroment where I now manage about 20 switches across the entire network. I have a new switch that I will be introducing new routes/vlans. When i look at switch that has been setup prior to me most of the entires have a O by it in...

I've just acquired a new network and having some trouble managing  some servers/switches across the interconnect and looking for some help.I  have a 5412zl 10.215.x.x/16 Most of the connections on this switch are  on vlan1. B9 is the port which is co...

rackrack99 by Beginner
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