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Industrial Switch Maximum PoE+ Ports

No Ni
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I'm looking for 8 Port PoE+ Industrial switch, any suggestion?


I have checked "IE-4000-4S8P4G-E" but it says 4 port PoE+ & 4 port PoE

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Rich Uline
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No Ni,

The IE 4000 datasheet states that your model supports up to 8 PoE/PoE+ ports and that it is "designed to support PoE power budget up to 240W". However, further down in the same document it says that the biggest available power supply can only provide a total of 170W. We can look further and subtract the system power from 170 to get our PoE budget, or we can also see it explicitly stated in the IE 4000 hardware installation guide. In the case of the 170W PSU, you get 123W PoE budget. This will provide enough power for 4 PoE+ devices, or 8 PoE devices.


No offering from Cisco will support 8 PoE+ devices in a single chassis. The closest you will get is 6 PoE+ ports on either the IE 5000 or the IE 4010, which have PoE budgets of 185W and 200W respectively when dual PSUs are installed. The IE 2520 and IE 1000 will support up to 5 PoE+ devices. To meet your requirement, you will need at least two chassis.

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