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Install redundant SUP V’s in 4507R – CFG SSO via ISSU

Mike Hogenauer
Level 1
Level 1

Hi ,

I have 2 x 4507R chassis, I’ve just purchased 2 additional SUP V 10GE supervisors. My existing Cores only have one SUP V in them at the moment. I want to install the two additional SUP’s in each core. I know these are HOT Swappable and I know I can only have 1 active X2 module per Chassis.

My question is once I install the redundant SUP in each core can I start the ISSU process right away? I’m assuming I need to copy the same image to each SUP – bootflash and slaveboot flash.

I’m just looking for a good process, I have a limited maintenance window. I obviously do not have any redundancy configured already, I wil be starting from scratch.

Thanks in advance.


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Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame


As long as the 2 sups in each chassis are exactly the same (hardware) and you install the same exact IOS and Rommon in both sups, you should be able to configure SSO by issuing "config t" and "mode sso"Not sure about the 4500 series, but I know on the 6500 with Sup-2T, when you install the second sup on the chassis, they both will be in SSO mode without any command added.


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