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Installing SDM 2.5 on cisco 2600


Guys i am new to the cisco world.

I am trying to configure SDM 2.5 on a cisco 2600.

I have access via telnet to the router and was able to change the enable password - which i think is level 15 (right?) and setup (and bring up) the ip on the ethernet interface. I can ping - and get response from - the router

Trying to install SDM on the router i need to provide the default username i tried both admin/administrator but SDM can't communicate with the router

Any ideas or shuggestions would be highly appriciated.


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Below is the last Show run, i can't connect via https.

i was unable to complete: ip http secure-server

just didn't work apperantly crypto isn't available on this router.

i can http into the router using a browser.

Current configuration : 754 bytes


version 12.2

service timestamps debug uptime

service timestamps log uptime

no service password-encryption


hostname Bagira


enable secret 5 $1$EhV6$dvm1j7AND.Q2Sw7F2CMSI1

enable password cisco1


username admin privilege 15 password 0 ran

ip subnet-zero

no ip routing







interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address

no ip route-cache

speed auto



interface Serial0/0

no ip address

no ip route-cache



ip classless

ip http server

ip http authentication local

ip pim bidir-enable



line con 0

line aux 0

line vty 0 4

privilege level 15

password password

login local

transport input telnet

line vty 5 15

privilege level 15

login local

transport input telnet


no scheduler allocate


i don't think you can type the 'ip http secure-server' command since your IOS doesn't support it (based from your show version).

you'll need a security or K9 IOS image installed in oder to have the HTTPS feature.

try the suggested above by unchecking HTTPS from the SDM launcher.

ok, i was able to log in

as soon as i did, i got a msg that this is an unsupported router and as a result SDM will close.

sorry to say but your router IOS doesn't support SDM. see this link:

you'll need at least a 12.3(1)M or later versions installed. guess you'll need to stick to CLI.

can i upgrade the ios from 12.2 to 12.3 or 12.4 ?

and if so is it still avilable on the cisco website ?

as mentioned on earlier post, cisco already ended its support on these platform.

whoops, i'm also having the same problem. maybe this is the error you've had.

Yep that's it

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