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Internet Sharing Multiple VLANS 300 Series Small Business Switch

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I'm a beginner with networking anything beyond plugging up a home wireless router.

My problem is that I have a Cisco 300 series small business switch with multiple VLANS each one with an IP address and two or three ports assigned to each VLAN. I have an E3200 wireless router that I want to use to use to share internet on the switch. All of the VLANs are reachable from the other VLANs and I've put a static route on the E3200 so that I can reach the VLANs from a machine connected only to the router. But I can't reach machines on the otherside of the router or get to the internet from the switch. Thoughts?



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how is the intervlan routing taking place on the same switch.

will you please explain a little more on the design.

I have two servers six NICs each, each interface dedicated to a specific task. I put the switch in Layer3 mode and ran the IP routing configuration command globaly...that's how the VLAN routing is taking place? All IP addresses are static and on the E3200 I've shutoff DHCP as I will have a DHCP server in the enviornment.

What I have is:

VLAN 1, Static IP Address, two ports added say gi19-20 (switchport trunk allowed vlan add 1)

VLAN 2, Static IP Address, two ports added say gi17-18 (switchport trunk allowed vlan add 2)

I have an E3200 wireless router connected to gi19 that has the ip address

I'd like to share the internet connection between both vlans and route traffice between them as well. The device is a cisco 300 series layer 2/3 switch that I think I have in layer 3 mode.

Do I need to configure the ports with the switchport mode trunk configuration command?



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I think that E3200 doesn't support more than one vlan. If your switch is a layer 3 you can configure the port that connects to E3200 as a Layer 3 port and configure and ip address in the same subnet as router. Then on the router you can configure static routes to point to subnets behind the switch.

Also on the switch configure a default route to go to the router ip address.

Hope this helps


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