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Interview Questions. Please answer me ?


Please answer the below questions clearly...


1. Why BGP is preferred not OSPF between two AS


2. How BGP ensures loop free topology. What is behind that. Which protocol or technique it use to eliminate loops.?


3. How EIGRP ensures loop free topology. What is behind that. Which protocol or technique it use to eliminate loops.?


4. Can OSPF do load balancing between 10 links. What is the maximum links ospf can do load balance ? If to do so manually for load balancing which command is used...?


5. In BGP , which attribute is used for inbound traffic, which is used for outbound traffic and which one is used for both.




Hi friends please answer the above questions clearly  which i should not forget it in my lifetime.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Nope.  I'm not even going to entertain this line of questioning. 


YOU tell us what your response is and we'll tell provide feedback.  I will not parley with this kind of exercise when other people give the answers so someone can just memorize and pretend that they have background knowledge.  


Maybe this ins't the job for you?

InayathUlla Sharieff
Cisco Employee


We appriciate you posting the question here. But this is not meant to answer any interview questions.

Btw the questions which you have asked is quite simple if you are done with you studies with the routing protocols you will get the answer for the same.


Please go through the concept of the routing again and try to see if you can answer the same.Having said that if you still face the issue after you done your homework come back to us with the question saying that " you understood in this way and still having difficulties " then people here will clear your doubts happily which makes more sense to this type of queries.





Thank You Iniyath.

Actually what happens is that most of the times i answer for their question but my answer is not that much impressive one for the interviewer.

That is why each time by some small thing i'm getting kicked off from the interview after 2nd or 3rd round.

Anyway i am preparing and doing homework hardly and will come with my answer after a week. But please suggest the best answer to attract the interviewer. Because i am roming around everything which is not important thing when sitting in front of the interviewer. That is why i created this question over here. If some experienced person answering the best answer then i may get clear the interview rounds. Because of this simple techniques i am lagging in interviews.


I  second your answer Leo. But for the sake of interview perspective i asked you the question. No worries dudes. Thanks a lot. I am preparing and doing homework if I get free times at all.



my interview tip is , as  well as answering it technically correct, can you also provide an example of where you have done this i.e demonstrate experience.