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intervlan routing not working


I have a 3560E that was running fine until we lost the domain controller as well as ISE license expired.  I rebuilt the AD on new hardware and on 2008r2. The server is in vlan 90.. It will hand out addresses in that subnet but any other subnet fails, I found out that if I hard code and IP address in a different vlan I can ping the SVI's but it will not ping anything in another vlan. All the connections are on the single 3560e. the windows server failure was a red herring but caused me to look at switch.  IP routing is enabled the trunks to the UCS 220m3 where the server resides allow all vlans.

I can ping from all vlans from the switch (as on would suspect). All the vlans are up, all interfaces are up. looking at this nothing looks bad.

It is running 15.0.2se IOS. Was running for over 18 months with no issues. No power failures just will not allow intervlan routing to work.

It is very strange.  I had a trusted colleague look as well and we are both stumped . Any thoughts? any help would be great,.

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Mark Malone

The SVIs are up/up can you ping say vlan ip - vlan ip not between the actual local connected devices ?


ping source vlan 2

ping source vlan 1

Sorry I have been off work.. I can ping anything in the native vlan. with one exception vlan 90 can ping any SVI any IP Address and will get an IP address. I set acc port for lets say vlan 20 and  I can ping that SVI and any working device in VLAN 20. Thas it.  I was going to add a loopback address and see if I can ping that,

This makes no sense unless ISE has caused some issues with its license expired,

Any other thoughts

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