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ip address on router switchport interface

I have a bunch of servers that must talk with VMs with same subnet (let's say vlan 10) that are on a different switch connected to a router that has a switching module.

The router port the VMs are hanging off is configured as: - all VMs are currently pingable.

Basically these VMs on the route must speak with all other new VMs in same subnet that are located on different switches. I configured SVI 10 on each switch in the network and all SVI 10 are pingable.

I can't however ping the interface IP on the router. I am trying to understand why someone put VMs on a non-trunk , no switchport with an ip of in first place.

Should I removed the IP on this port, change it to trunk, and configure a subinterface with the same address since all these VMs currently use as their gateway? Please help I also need to make sure I don't really bring anything down at least for too long. 


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Re: ip address on router switchport interface

Please provide the router and switch configuration. Please explain that how to connected new VM switch? Is it on router switching port or direct to old VM switch?



Deepak Kumar

Deepak Kumar,
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Re: ip address on router switchport interface

I can't cut and past all the configs but the VMs are connected to a router that has a FA port that is configured with just an IP . Other VMs that are configured with the same 10.10.10.X address space are connected via trunk ports on another switch that is connected to another switch that is connected to the router. I configured SVIs on both the switches that connect to the router - all are pingable (10.10.10. 5 and The switches can't ping the router address or any of the VMs that are hanging off that router port. The VMs on that port are not being tagged with any VLAN and the new VMs that are hanging off the switch are being tagged with VLAN 5. Same these are all the same network, all must be tagged correct? Am I making sense?
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