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IP DHCP Snooping blocks IPv6 RAs

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Level 1

Hi everyone.


I'm might need some help to understand what would be the possible impact of DHCP snooping features configured on a 2960-L on IPv6 SLAAC configured on a 899-LTE.



Every time that I'm enabling the ip dhcp snooping vlan 100 on a 2960-L, my ipv6 hosts are not able to get an IPv6 address anymore.

After doing some packet captures I can see the host sending few RS messages but the router doesn't reply back with the any RA message.


If I remove the ip dhcp snooping vlan 100 from the 2960-L everything get's back to normal. The host will get an IPv6 via SLAAC and I can see the reply to the RS on the pcap.


What would be the link between the ip dhcp snooping and this? As far as I understood it should not have any impact or I'm wrong?


On ISR I've configured:

  • SVI with the IPv6 configurations.
  • VLAN 100
  • Trunk to the 2960-L


On the 2960-L I've configured:

  • Trunk to Cisco ISR
  • VLAN 100
  • IP DHCP Snooping configured on global mode
  • IP DHCP Snooping Vlan 100
  • Configured the trunk towards the ISR as a trusted interface
  • Disabled the option 82.




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