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LACP Etherchannel between 4500X and 6807 Catalyst switches


Hi Everyone,

I wanna configure LACP etherchannel between 4500X and 6807 Catalyst switches. But it does not work. The etherchannel is L2 and has 4 10G ports. BTW mode on works successfuly. But it's not desired. both switches are VSS pair. I upgraded both switches to Cisco suggested IOS-XE version but the problem didn't solved.

I tried all order of configuraion:

  • First create port-channel and then add channel-group under physical
  • And vice versa: Add channel-group command under physical interface and then configuring the port-channel

In both cases the 'sh etherc su' command show me suspended state.

Any idea might help.

Tnx in advance


Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master



most likely you are trying to build the port channel between non-compatible modules. What cards are you using for the port channel ?


You can also try:


VSS(config)# interface port-channel X

VSS(config-if)# no mls qos channel-consistency

the linecard of 6807 switch that I use for etherchannel is C6800-8P10G-XL



the switch logs should tell you why the ports are not bundling. do you see anything in there ?


What if you configure:


no port-channel standalone-disable


Do all individual interfaces remain suspended ?

After this command the output of 'sh etherc su' indicates 'I' not suspended

paul driver
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VIP Expert

Are these directly connected or interconnected via fibre risers?
Have you tried using statc PC or even PAGP instead of LACP

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