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LAGG_LACP between Cisco Layer 3 and NETGATe/pfSense Firewall

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Hey guys 


I have an Cisco Core Switch (C3850) with IPBase firmware and NETGATE/pfSense firewall.


-on the firewall I have 4 copper ethernet ports

-on two of them I have dedicated two 1 GBit provider wan links 


Now I created a LAGG_LACP on the NETGATE and a LACP portchannel on the Cisco with 2 copper ports (via GBic). I configure both ports, for testing purposes, to an access port and tried a lot of load-balancing modes (src-mac, src-ip) and so on - but in the end the result is the same:


LACP with src-ip = Only one of my two test devices can ping the firewall and go to the internet (Other notebook get an timeout) but on the machine where I have internet, the connection is not really stable


LACP with dist-ip = Both devices can ping the internet, but also not really stable and and only ping is working but no tcp traffic


What I want:

Have two Gbic ports in a LAGG_LACP to fully utilize the 2 WAN ports (not 2 GBit maximum speed, but with one Gigabit link I can't use both 1 GBit WAN links completely). 


Maybe I did something wrong or I'm completey wrong with my idea and LACP is only good to improve the connection speed between two devices?


Thanks for help and good ideas! :)


Edit 2:

Got it... **bleep**ty VMware Workstation. Some trouble with duplicate Mac addresses.

The LACP is up and running but I can't verify my configured load-balance mode (src-ip). When I have one download I have 12 MB/s (LAN 100 MBit and WAN 1 GBit) and with two computers I have 2x 6 MB/s.




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Ok guys - in the end, I realized that one of the network cards are broken. After buying a new card - everything is working like a charm

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