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Maybe a dumb question

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So i have a question regarding to switches


i have looked over the prices for switches and i can make no sense at all. for example , in my internal LAN , i want to replace 5 or so switches. the problem is however that i came across on 2 devices which i am thinking will do the job .


the models are

1.sg220-26-k9-eu   -   about 150 USD   -   about 1000 USD


i have looked on the data sheet on each switch and i can make no sense. i mean, the first model has Gigabit Interfaces on LAN over the 100Mbit (c2960), Higher BACKPLANE BANDWIDTH  then 2960 , The packet forwarding rate is higher 40Mbps over 6.5Mbps (on 2960) and so on ...


The first one has better performance, however if anybody is so enclined to enlighten me i would very much appreciate it. And btw , many 2960 cisco switches has riddicouslly high prices for what can they have to offer in comparasion of course to those in cisco smb segment.


So my question is this


Can anybody explain to me why are so expnsive?


I mean... what does 2960 have in comparasion to sg220 that makes it that more expensive?

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And btw the home sw tplnk tl-sg105 has higher packet forwarding rate  (7.4Mbps ) :)

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VIP Alumni

i read in but unfortunatelly it is no real explanation there 


when that guy ask about the price difference the solution provider says "read release and configuration"


i mean.. he says about features and implies that the price difference comes from that but still what kind of features (and btw the features are addition lets say to the switching, i mean i can run many, many, networks without using those "features" like poe , cli, and so on)


the second link, that one is deffenatelly no good :) i mean, that guy talks about bandwidth and says

"Switching and forwarding bandwidth are typically higher in the Cisco catalyst series switch"

and from my example the 2960 cannot even begin to compete at bandwidth with the smb device.





the biggest difference between the SMB switches and the Catalyst or Nexus switches is that the SMB switches do not run full IOS versions, but rather a small subset of IOS features. They also use some open source software, as far as I recall. That I guess makes for the price difference.

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