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Dear all,   I tried to enable flow-control on my interface but from a "show interface" it show me that is not supported. Here my configuration :   interface GigabitEthernet1/0/48 switchport access vlan 51 switchport mode access flowcontrol receive on...

Hello everybody! I have this scenario: My main router is a 1921 ISR Multiple local networks assigned to multiple VLAN's, and connected to three Internet Providers. This providers are just standard services (three different cable providers), so I have...

luchonat1 by Beginner
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This works on SG300, but not on SG350: conf t int gi1 switchport mode trunk switchport trunk native vlan 111 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 20 switchport trunk allowed vlan add 30   Last two lines are merged into single one when sh run int gi1 swi...

So I have a pair of 93000 Nexus switches. One switch is pointed to and using the following fine: kickstart variable = bootflash:/n3500-uk9-kickstart.6.0.2.A8.9.bin                                                                                       ...

Hi guys. I'm studding for CCNA and im at the routing protocols now. When define which routing protocol i want to use (RIP EIGRP etc), i need to define a network. The router then publish the whole subnet. lets say i have an INT with IP ...

Eli G. by Beginner
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Resolved! enabling lldp

Hello,   Does lldp support on cisco switches depend on version. We have a 3560-48PS, running 12.3.   It does not allow using lldp run to be used. Please advise. Thank you.   Just adding another query , is it possible to increase the poe delivered on ...

suthomas1 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi there   I need some help with a company merger type scenario.   I have two sites: A and B. Site A runs OSPFv2 while site B runs EIGRPv6.    The topology of the main routers is quite basic:   Site A R1 <---> Site B R1.   Both of the main routers ar...

I have an ASR that I'm using to connecting our ExpressRoutes and 10G links back to our headquarters. I'd like to add our DIA as well but I'm having a hard time finding out how to setup security on this device.  (ie, block SSH, SNMP, HTTPS from the DI...

Resolved! IP unreachables ?

Hello, I am considering using the command 'no ip unreachables' on my layer 3 interfaces to improve security. However then I would be unable to get traceroute information from those interfaces which I find very useful. I was wondering what do most net...

tedauction by Beginner
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