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Mikrotik CRS326-24S+2Q+RM 10gig to Cisco 3750X with 10 gig Module


Has anyone here ever had to do this combination or some sort of Mikrotik to 3750X with 10 GIG. I had an event that about a year ago that just completely crumbed and I remember that I saw the CRCs on the Cisco switch I was using at the time (2960S with 10Gig, and at the time CRS317-1G-16S+) and I remember switching cables and the issue remained. Now im at another event using a 3750X and the CRS326-24S+RM and when I check the FCS errors on the Mikrotik They were all over the place. Is there something I should consider whenever making this negotiation? At this current event what ive done already is change from a DAC cable to a brand new patch cord along with two new SFP+'s


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Jitendra Kumar
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Rising star

there are many points that need to check..

Basically, it's an L1 issue cable and a physical port.

Some times negotiation between the two device ( you should have to use manual config port on the both devices)
bad port 3750
Bad cable
Bad frames sent by the device on the other side.
NIC card incompatibility between microtek and the Cisco switch
SFP incompatibility may case also for CRC error.


Have tried this that time?

config t

Service unsupported-transceiver

no errdisable detect cause gbic-invalid


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new SFP+'s

what SFP Module do you have model information, what model of switch ( are you using uplink pot to connect to other device)

what IOS code running - from cisco switch post below information :

show version

show logg

show run interface gig x/x

show interface gi x/x

show interface gi x/x trans


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Georg Pauwen
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VIP Master


I don't think the CRS326-24S+RM supports 10G. It has 2 40Gbps QSFP+ ports. Can you post a picture of your physical setup ?

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