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Monitoring Interfaces and VLANs in ONE session?



how can I monitor Interfaces and VLANs in one Monitor Session?

Problem is, that this monitored traffic needs to be send to ONE single destination port, what is not allowed to do with 2 seperate monitor sessions.

So my general problem is:

port 1 nees to be monitored

vlans 1,2,3 needs to be monitored


all traffic needs to be sent to

port 2


how can i do this?

hardware that i tried on and need a solution

1  WS-C3850-12S 03.07.00E cat3k_caa-universalk9 INSTALL

2 cisco WS-C4500X-32 cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.09.02.E.152-5.E2.bin


Thanks for help!


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 - If you talk about monitoring traffic from the destinations that you mention then check :


I know this type of session configuration. but on the given devices, its not possible its quite different to this:

xxxxxxxxxxxx(config)#monitor session 1
% Incomplete command.

You cannot jump in a special monior menu


you need to add the whole command:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(config)#monitor session 1 source vlan 1
% Cannot add VLANs as sources for SPAN session 1

This message coming up because i already entered:

xxxxxxxxxxx(config)#monitor session 1 source interface gixxx

its not possible to add int and vlan on one session on these devices

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I belive that is Limitation as per the information and device you have mentioned :

May be to look alternative how we can achieve, need more information below :


port 1 nees to be monitored   - is ths Trunk or access port ?

vlans 1,2,3 needs to be monitored  - is this Layer 3 Interfaces ?

If you have Trunk Interface can be achived with VLAN filter in that config (you can refer above document)


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port 1 - yes is a trunk

vlans 1,2,3 yes layer 3 with definated subnets

the port 1 is a uplink interface, the vlans are present on that switches and are routed over thes switches(core)

is there another image, we can install to get these functions, ineed?


any1 can help? do we need a new stich model or can we use another licence/software version?

If the port 1 Trunk have all the VLAN passing, you can use filter to get all information and destination port to port2

look at the example config the URL i have provided.



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The problem is,


the vlan traffic is internal and not only on this port.

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