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Mrinfo display multicast metric = 0

david de sousa

Hi guys,


i'm troubleshooting multicast issue, so i used some cli Tools to debug.


for now, i used mstat to see what about the path, and i found that there is 100% loss on a router.


so i used the mrinfo command to see if there is a problem with Neighbors and my output show the metric = 0 (xxx) [version  12.2] [flags: PMSA]: -> (xxx) [0/0/pim/querier] -> (xxx) [0/0/pim] -> [0/0/pim/down/leaf]

anyone can say what can cause that output ? is it a problem ? or just a bad output ? because the next router give an output of mrinfo correct with metric at 1.


thanks for reply.


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The output look ok. Looks like you remove the ttl-threshold on the some router.


Can you describe the problem and  your network topologie?


you mean with spt-threshold infinity ?

cause, yes, we did it to avoid duplicate packet, but all my routers are in this state, but for others, i see the mrinfo with a metric =1. that's why i asked myself about this difference.

the problem is : i did mstat to trace the path and see if there are problem, i did a mstat between a sender and a receiver, and the same sender to another receiver who's located on another place, so use another link. and it's always this router who show a packet loss of 100%

here is an example :

 Source        Response Dest   Packet Statistics For     Only For Traffic      All Multicast Traffic     From
     |       __/  rtt 16   ms   Lost/Sent = Pct  Rate     To
     v      /     hop 249  s    ---------------------     --------------------    ?
     |     ^      ttl   0
     v     |      hop 0    ms    11030/11030 = 100%      1103 pps    0/0 = --%  0 pps        ?
     |      \__   ttl   1
     v         \  hop -249 s         0         0 pps           0    0 pps
  Receiver      Query Source

even if i make the mstat to another listener, it's always the link connected to the router (my first question with the mrinfo). that's why i asked myself about a problem on that router.


BUT, the multicast passes, i loose packets sometimes but it's not a 100% loss


i will make a draw of the topology...

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