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multicast iptv stream from provider


We have an provider for iptv, he sends us a multicast stream on a certain source e.g.

The source for this stream is an ip-address on his network e.g.

We don't get an ip-address from him on this subnet.

We have no route to him.

All we have is the connection coming in on one gigethernet port of our Cat6509  e.g. int Gi4/20

There is no PIM between us and the iptv-provider

Our network is Layer3 connected like this

                                                                                                                              int gi4/20 link to iptv provider

corerouter1     int gi2/1   ip address   ------------------------------ corerouter2   int gi2/1 ip address

                     int gi2/2   ip address                                                 int gi2/2 ip address

                                 |                                                                                                     |

                                 |                                                                                                     |

                                 |                              cat4507re clientrouter                                        |

                                 ----------    int gi1/1                                             int gi1/2 --------------------

                                              ip add                          ip add


                                             also  router for vlan 2117  ip address

clients for the iptv are on the 'client router' in vlan 2117

Actually there are a lot of different client routers with clients on different vlans, but the fundamental setup is the same.

Multicast routing is enabled everywhere , sparse-dense on all interfaces

corerouter1 and corerouter2 are configured to be candidate RP's 

corerouter2 is the actual RP

Problem: how do I get the clients on clientrouter on vlan2117 to receive the multicast stream coming from the provider.

If I configure int gi4/20 on corerouter2 to be an access switchport in a vlan , the clients in that vlan receive the stream,

but nobody outside that vlan receives the stream.

I've been looking at igmp-proxy but I don't know if that is the right solution for my problem.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

D. Vanoverschelde


Hi D. Vanoverschelde

I think the solutions of this problem to create sparse-dense mode into the giga Ethernet and interface vlan on both corerouter2 and cat4507

You can solve this problem by creating ip pim sparse-dense mode into the interface giga and interface vlan

Or you can create port channel on both routers like the following

At corerouter2:

1-    Create port channel

# interface Port-channel2

description "To cat4507"

ip address

ip pim sparse-dense-mode

2-    Configure   int gi2/2

     description "To cat4507 client router"

     no ip address

     logging event link-status

     channel-group 2 mode on

## If you don’t need to create port channel on both routers, so you can add ip pim command into the interface giga2/2 on corerouter2 and the interface giga1/2 on client router

At cat4507re clientrouter :

1-    Create port channel:

# interface Port-channel2

description "To corerouter2"

ip address

ip pim sparse-dense-mode

2-    Configure   int gi1/2:

     description "To corerouter2"

     no ip address

     logging event link-status

     channel-group 2 mode on

3-    Create any interface vlan :

interface Vlan 2117

ip address

ip pim sparse-denese-mode

ip route-cache flow

ip igmp version 3

Hope to help!! And update me

Rabab Osama

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