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NAT in cat 9300

Hi All,


I have an issue on migrate internet router, from Cisco 3925 migrate to Cisco cat 9300. the issue is, after migrate to catalyst 3900, connection to the internet become intermitten. the configuration same with configuration existing, no changes. the router hit until 250.000 and active translation until 30.000.

we already try to config: AOT (address only translation) and SDM (switch management database). but the connection still intermitten.

I read in datasheet that in cat 9300 that "The maximum number of sessions that can be translated and forwarded in the hardware in an ideal setting is limited to 7000. Additional flows that require translation are handled in the software data plane at a reduced throughput"

need suggestion, thank you

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Re: NAT in cat 9300

I was not sure who suggested for you replacing Router with Switch


I understand Cat 9300 advanced switch, but that can not be Core router for your requirement personally.


Router is Router

The switch is Switch.


if both can do one job, why cisco have router and switch (this question always remains loop for me).


The router has more capability when you installed over edge of internet or WAN, it can do a lot more things (unlike switch does).


Coming back to your problem, have you tested off-peak hours of network usage what was the results noted here?


can you post some statistics and configuration see we can help here anything?




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Re: NAT in cat 9300

Hi Balaji, I agree with your statement,that router is router, not suitable replaced with switch even advanced switch. but in this case, can we optimize with replaced device (cat 9300) or we must absolutely replace with router too. in here active user about 5000 users, assume 1 person using PC and mobile phone so we can assume estimate 10.000+ active users. here I attached the "ip nat statistic" the configuration standard PAT, any suggestion?
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