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William Coats

NBAR discovery Cisco 3850

I am trying to setup my flexible netflow to report NBAR 2 information.  I am running software 3.7.3E and 3.7.4E on my switches.  When I try to add the collect application name command to the flow record, it showa an error at application.  I thought this might be due to my not having nbar discovery turned on.  I have tried to turn on nbar discovery at both the interface level and global and it won't turn on.  I keep getting an error message.  I have the IPSERVICES license installed on the switches I am trying to use these commands on.

Palani Mohan
Cisco Employee

Hi William

Including the error message is usually helpful, to get a precise understanding of the problem. 

Having said that, NBAR capabilities are not available on the 3850 platform, yet. Looking through some of the internal discussions, there is no clear indication of what the future holds.

Sincerely ... Palani

Here is the error I receive when I try to start collecting the application (NBAR) name.

(config-flow-record)#collect application name
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Some NBAR information is already on the 3850.  When I run the command show ip nbar protocol-pack loaded I receive the following informaiton:

Loaded Protocol Pack(s):

Name:                            Advanced Protocol Pack
Version:                         8.0
Publisher:                       Cisco Systems Inc.
NBAR Engine Version:             16
State:                           Active

If the NBAR pack is loaded, why can't I collect the application name with the flow record?

Pretty sure you need to be at 16.3.x to run NBAR2 on these switches.