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need help with VLAN set ups


i dont know if this is the right form as i had issues posting


hi i recently got a srw2016 switch is a 16 port..  and i just got today factory reset..


im new to vlans  i tried watching videos but i confused some with the tagg untage exclude include etc.. maybe someone can help me


but what i want is 

my router  (pfsense )  plugs into port 1

i have in it  2 vlans 1 i want for cameras and 1 to goto my wireless router for guest network

i made 2 vlans in srw2016   2 and 3      2 for Cameras and 3 for Guest network

i then included Port 15  for Cameras  as i will want to goto a a poe switch after for cameras

and i set  port 16 to tagged include    so my wireless router plugs into it..


LAN  is

VLan2 is

Vlan3 is


and i want pfsense to access those 2 ports with the dhcp server  i have setup in pfsense


plus  i wanna be able least my desktop computer to access LAN  VLAN2 VLAN3  which is a LAN ipaddress

is this possible or is it too complicated...


i teaching myself as i nto in the IT field i just regular home user


as i dont really want cameras accessing Internet  but id like it to be accessed by say my phone or my desktop computer...   i dont have cameras yet i working on that i just wanna practice this vlan stuff first etc


so any good videos would help too...  as i visual learner too


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Jaderson Pessoa

on port that your firewall pfsense is connected

you can do it;
port tagget vlan 2,3

on wiless router ( port mode hybrid)
port untagged vlan 1 (for manage your ap)
port tagged vlan 3 (for guest network)

for cameras
port untagged vlan 2


tagged = mode trunk (you can pass others vlan under interface)
untagged = mode access (used to end devices, like cameras, desktops, printers and etc.)
Jaderson Pessoa
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would you happen to have any pics

and  i dont see no hybrid mode


and i learned you cant even get firmware updates of the switch  every other company is free for updates.. but i found  i have to pay to upgrade the firmware .. so im running  


i did see Trunk   as an optiopn  Trunk General Access  were the 3 


but i could use help with pics..  i tried watching some videos and you want a Layer 3  ... well this switch has  like L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6  radio buttons is that the same thing  i tried making off L3


even googled  vlans for dummies  that didnt help at all ..  looked up a linksys  vlan  but its different from  this  so i dont understand most of the settings with the tagg exclude etc... the manual  i tried skimming didnt even tell me what each one does etc... total noob with this stuff..

so i dont know how to set the settings you mentioned.. sorry


i dont know if i did this right...  i tried playing around and then i lost access to my router  as i linked port 1 to port 2  well i gave the same include  for cameras


right now  cameras and Guestnetwork are 2 wireless routers  i testing with my cell if i get a ip address

so i not getting it to really work or if it does  it gets a LAN ip  not the ips set in pfsense 


paul driver
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This pfsense router will be the device i assume that is connecting to your internet circuit and on this router there is to be two subnets of your choice (vlan2-3) respective - Hanging off this router will be the switch where your guest WiFI AP and end LAN devices will connect?


The basic setup would be to:
1) Attach the router to your internet circuit/modem where it will either automatically obtain an ip address or you need to  assign one - (depending on this ip address ( public or private) will also show if your isp it already performing network translation. However looking at your OP it seems to suggest vlan1 is the subnet allocated from your isp/modem is this correct?

If this is correct then your isp is already performing network address translation (NAT) for your internet access, in any case this router will be the focal point for you end host users to obtain internet access.

2) On your the router you will create two vlans( vlan2-3) for inter-vlan communication and also activate dhcp for these two vlans


3) The port interconnecting the router and isp circuit/modem can be either a normal routed port or a untaged port assigned to the default vlan 1 interface.


The port interconnecting the router and the switch will be a trunk port ( tagged with vlans 2-3)
The port connecting to the wifi AP to the switch will be a tagged port ( vlan 3)


Note: If you wish for vlan 3 users to reach the internet then you will also need to activate NAT between vlan 1 and vlan 3 on your router OR  you could just have the one vlan (vlan1) for all internet users ( guest and lan) and if this is applicable then the port connecting to the wifi AP to the switch will be a untagged port ( vlan 1)

4) lastly the ports on the switch will be:
untagged ( vlan1 users) - 192.168.0.x
Tagged 2 (vlan 2 users) - 192.168.10.x
Tagged 3 (vlan 3 POE for wifi AP) 192.168.20.x ( only if this vlan is to be separated from the LAN users)

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Kind Regards

ok i gonna have to re read your setup  a few times with dislexia and learning disability.. im a visual learner  so like youtube or pictures or a teacher demonistrating



so ya what i have is my modem  its speed is 5mbps download/500k upload

so nothing fast


i have 2 nics in the pfsense comp.. 1  for the modem wan  and the other is for the network  just upgraded from 8port regular  to this 16 managed  one..  i got given


in pfsense i set up the 2 Vlans  

LAN  - 192.168.0.x

Cameras (VLan 10)  - 192.168.10.x static port  dhcp setup

Guest Network (Vlan 20) - 192.168.20.x static port dhcp  setup

i setup rules  in pfsense so it guest cant see my network  but goes out my vpn  


so what i want 

is  pfsense goes into Port 1 on the switch and then like for not Port 2  is Cameras  and port 15 is guest network  

i played with the PVE  and  this genera/access/trunk  none of that worked either 


but id still like 1 computer at least to see everything like my desktop  to see the guest network  or i guess pfsense would see it..  


and i wanna be able to access my cameras once i get them...


also  i read you need a Layer 3 switch.. i dont even know if this is a layer 3 switch or Layer 2...  i  thought the L1 - L8 were the Layers but i read  some other stuff says thats LAG  whatever the lag does..


but ill have to re read what you wrote... if did anything wrong in the linksys  switch maybe you can edit pics to what it should be changed too.. and ill try to fiddle with this more after

also i watched viideo they say dont use VLAN1  changed that VLAN1 to a different number and your gui interface.. for hackers etc  man this stuff confuses me

here some pics of what i have... i also tried setting tagged for port 2 and 15  still doesnt worked  


i erased settings and tried to start over

but i set to tagged  nothing passing through  i guessing in NAT in pfsense too for the 2 vlans


is there a good linksys/cisco setup for vlans

i tried to follow

and this link i tried to follow but it doesnt help


i also read that you need to setup  Trunk between pfsense and the switch

so i set the Port 1  to Trunk  but that still doesnt let me do anything  it does not let Vlan 10 get an IP on the different subnet...  

is there a good video  documentation  how to setup a linksys cisco switch..

would the upgraded firmware be better  as its just  not the 1.2.2b  that i cant get as you need to purchase

so much for plug and play lol

tell it port 2 and say 15 are 2 different vlans and it automatically does it  lol



on which interface of your switch have pfsense's lan connected?

Could you share configuration os this interface?
Jaderson Pessoa
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what configuration  you want to know or see


so  i use 

PFsense... 1 Nic to WaN  2nd Nic is LAN VLAN 10 and VLAN 20  

LAN is 192.168.0.x

V10 is  192.168.10.x

V20 is 192.168.20.x

the nic cable goes from PFsens to Port 1 on the switch

i tried to setup  Port 2 for Vlan 10 and Port 15 for Vlan 20  and the rest is just LAN

ive fiddled with the ACCESS/General/Trunk  changing the Port 

changing the PVID on the Vlan Interfance Settings  

yes i dont know what i doing 100%  as i not sure what it supposed to look like etc

here some pics of what i done  but it doesnt work for me 

as i tried to mitch and match from  youtube videos  and since this switch is old  and and since i not allowed to get the latest firmware for this switch i dont know if they made it simplier to use...   but here is what i got



is there a video  for dummies 

on how a server needs to be setup  for Vlans to a Switch that is setup for Vlans


so i can under stand what the basics's need to be setup on the Pfsense  as the server


and what the settings should be in  says this linksys switch..   so im not guessing flipping this on off toggle  tagged untaggedd.  general  the pve   access etc 

so i tried watching a video on basics here


so minus the pfsense...  can you tell me if i configured the linksys right

it still doesnt work.. except the default lan  

but i just wanna know if Switch is configured correctly so then i can fiddle with pfsense


Interface g1 on linksys has wrong configuration. This interface is connected to pfsense, so need more configuration as below;
sets mode trunk: ok
sets vlan 1 as untagged: ok
sets vlan 10 as tagged: pendent
sets vlan 20 as tagged: pendent

Jaderson Pessoa
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