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No files in directory


I have a Cisco Catalyst 9300 in production and I wish validate files in the flash memory but the command "show flash: and dir flash:" shows "no files in directory" and the command "show version" shows "System image file is flash:packages.conf" indicating that the device boot from flash memory but the flash memory dont show de files.

Can you help me?

I wish upgrade the device but dont see the files in the flash. Maybe is a error of my part.

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Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame

What happens if you copy the firmware file into the switch?

The firmware file in the flash dont shows, but the space in memory is reduce and I dont know if I reboot device this pass rommon mode.

Please post the complete output to the command "dir".  

NOTE:  Do not post screenshots.

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is this console connection or SSH ? - Is this switch part of the stack ? can you post below output :


show version

show switch




Note : one of the image shows, the device encrypted - is this part of any Encrypted network ? or any Government device (like US Milatary as mentioned in the image ?)


show parser encrypt file status


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