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no mls qos command 7206vxr 12.2


I do not have the option to run sh mls qos commands. I am trying to look at the cos-map on my 7200 router. The code I am running is


I also do not see the mls qos command listed globally and it is not an available command in config t mode.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Rising star

Thats more of a layer 3 switch command. 7200 is a router.

Here is a list of the features available on your release:

AAA Broadcast Accounting

AAA DNIS Map for Authorization

AAA Server Group

AAA Server Group Deadtimer

AAA Server Group Enhancements

AAA Server Groups Based on DNIS

ACL - Named ACL Support for Noncontiguous Ports on an Access Control Entry

ACL - Reflexive Access Lists

ACL Sequence Numbering

Additional Vendor-Proprietary RADIUS Attributes

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

Answer Supervision Reporting

Any Transport over MPLS (AToM): ATM AAL5 over MPLS (AAL5oMPLS)

Any Transport over MPLS (AToM): Ethernet over MPLS (EoMPLS)

Any Transport over MPLS (AToM): Frame Relay over MPLS (FRoMPLS)

Any Transport over MPLS (AToM): Graceful Restart

Any Transport over MPLS (AToM): HDLC over MPLS (HDLCoMPLS)

Any Transport over MPLS (AToM): Port Mode Cell Relay Support

Any Transport over MPLS (AToM): PPP over MPLS (PPPoMPLS)

ARP Optimization

ATM AAL5 OAM Emulation over L2TPv3

ATM Cell Loss Priority (CLP) Setting

ATM Port Mode Cell Relay over L2TPv3

ATM Port Mode Packed Cell Relay over MPLS

ATM PVC Trap Enhancements for Segment and End AIS/RDI failures

ATM PVC Trap Support

ATM Routed Bridge Encapsulation (RBE)

ATM Single Cell Relay (VC Mode) over L2TPv3


AutoInstall Using DHCP for LAN Interfaces

Automatic Protection Switching (APS)

AutoRP Enhancement



BGP 4 Multipath Support

BGP 4 Prefix Filter and In-bound Route Maps

BGP 4 Soft Config

BGP Conditional Route Injection

BGP Configuration Using Peer Templates

BGP Convergence Optimization

BGP Cost Community

BGP Cost Community Support for EIGRP MPLS VPN PE-CE

BGP Dynamic Update Peer-Groups

BGP Hide Local-Autonomous System

BGP Hybrid CLI Support

BGP Increased Support of Numbered as-path Access Lists to 500

BGP Link Bandwidth

BGP Multipath Load Sharing for Both eBGP and iBGP in an MPLS-VPN

BGP Named Community Lists

BGP Next Hop Propagation

BGP Policy Accounting

BGP Prefix-Based Outbound Route Filtering

BGP Reduction in Transient Memory Usage

BGP Restart Neighbor Session After max-prefix Limit Reached

BGP Route-Map Continue

BGP Route-Map Policy List Support

BGP Soft Reset

BGP Support for Dual AS Configuration for Network AS Migrations

BGP Support for IP Prefix Import from Global Table into a VRF Table

BGP Support for Named Extended Community Lists

BGP Support for Sequenced Entries in Extended Community Lists

BGP Support for TTL Security Check

Bidirectional PIM

Bisync support for synchronous serial port adapters

CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) Version 2

CEF Support for IP Routing between IEEE 802.1Q vLANs

CEF Switching for Routed Bridge Encapsulation

CEF/dCEF - Cisco Express Forwarding

CEFv6 Switching for 6to4 Tunnels

CEFv6/dCEFv6 - Cisco Express Forwarding

CGMP - Cisco Group Management Protocol

Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)

Cisco Multipath Channel+

Class Based Ethernet CoS Matching & Marking (802.1p & ISL CoS)

Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ)

Class-Based Marking

Class-Based Policing

Class-Based Shaping

CLI String Search

CLNS Support for GRE Tunneling of IPv4 and IPv6


Commented IP Access List Entries

Committed Access Rate (CAR)

Configurable per ATM-VC Hold Queue size

Configuration Change Notification and Logging

Configuration Replace and Configuration Rollback

Contextual Configuration Diff Utility

Control Plane Policing (CoPP)

Control Plane Policing - Time based


CUG Selection Facility Suppress Option

Custom Queueing (CQ)

Default Passive Interface

DHCP Client

DHCP Proxy Client

DHCP Relay Agent Support for Unnumbered Interfaces

DHCP Server

DHCP Server Options - Import and Autoconfiguration

Dial Backup


Dialer Idle Timer Inbound Traffic Configuration

Dialer Profiles

Dialer Watch

Diffserv Compliant WRED

DLR Enhancements: PGM RFC-3208 Compliance

DNS based X.25 routing

Double Authentication

DRP Server Agent

Dynamic Bandwidth Change for ATM PVCs

Dynamic Multiple Encapsulation for Dial-in over ISDN


EIGRP Stub Routing

Embedded Event Manager (EEM) 2.0

Embedded Syslog Manager (ESM)

Enhanced ATM VC Configuration and Management

Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP)

Enhanced Local Management Interface (ELMI)

Enhanced Password Security

Extended ACL support for IGMP to support SSM in IPv4

Fast Fragmentation (Fast-Switched Fragmented IP Packets)

FHRP - Enhanced Object Tracking of IP SLAs

FHRP - HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol V2

Flow-Based WRED

Frame Relay

Frame Relay ELMI Address Registration

Frame Relay Encapsulation

Frame Relay End-to-End Keepalive

Frame Relay Fragmentation (FRF.12)

Frame Relay Fragmentation with Hardware Compression

Frame Relay FRF.1.2 Annex A Support.

Frame Relay FRF.9 Payload Compression

Frame Relay PVC Interface Priority Queueing

Frame Relay Queuing and Fragmentation at the Interface

Frame Relay Router ForeSight

Frame Relay Switching

Frame Relay Switching Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Frame Relay Switching Enhancements: Shaping and Policing

Frame Relay Traffic Shaping (FRTS)

FTP Support for Downloading Software Images

Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)

Generic Traffic Shaping (GTS)

Half bridge/half router for CPP and PPP

HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol

HSRP support for ICMP Redirects

HSRP support for MPLS VPNs

HTTP Security

IEEE 802.1Q VLAN Support

IGMP State Limit

IGMP Version 1

IGMP Version 2

IGMP Version 3

IGMP Version 3 - Explicit Tracking of Hosts, Groups, and Channels

Image Verification

Integrated routing and bridging (IRB)

Interface Index Persistence

Interface Range Specification

Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) address negotiation

Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA)

IP DSCP marking for Frame-Relay PVC

IP Enhanced IGRP Route Authentication

IP Event Dampening

IP Multilayer Switching (IP MLS)

IP Named Access Control List

IP over CLNS tunnel

IP Precedence Accounting

IP Precedence for GRE Tunnels

IP Routing

IP SLAs - Distribution of Statistics

IP SLAs - DLSW+ Operation

IP SLAs - DNS Operation

IP SLAs - FTP Operation

IP SLAs - History Statistics

IP SLAs - HTTP Operation

IP SLAs - ICMP Path Echo Operation

IP SLAs - Multi Operation Scheduler

IP SLAs - One Way Measurement

IP SLAs - Reaction Threshold

IP SLAs - Scheduler

IP SLAs - SNA LU2 Echo

IP SLAs - SNMP Support

IP SLAs - TCP Connect Operation

IP SLAs - UDP Echo Operation

IP SLAs - UDP Jitter Operation

IP Summary Address for RIPv2

IP to ATM CoS, per-VC WFQ and CBWFQ


IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6)

IPv6 Bidirectional PIM

IPv6 Data Link: VLANs using Cisco Inter-Switch Link (ISL)

IPv6 Data Link: VLANs using IEEE 802.1Q Encapsulation

IPv6 MTU Path Discovery

IPv6 Multicast: Address Family Support for Multiprotocol BGP

IPv6 Multicast: Bootstrap Router (BSR)

IPv6 Multicast: Explicit Tracking of Receivers

IPv6 Multicast: MLD Access Group

IPv6 Multicast: Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Protocol, Versions 1 and 2

IPv6 Multicast: PIM Accept Register

IPv6 Multicast: PIM Embedded RP Support

IPv6 Multicast: PIM Source-Specific Multicast (PIM-SSM)

IPv6 Multicast: PIM Sparse Mode (PIM-SM)

IPv6 Multicast: Routable Address Hello Option

IPv6 Multicast: RPF Flooding of Bootstrap Router (BSR) Packets

IPv6 Multicast: Scope Boundaries

IPv6 Neighbor Discovery

IPv6 Routing: IS-IS Multitopology Support for IPv6

IPv6 Routing: IS-IS Support for IPv6

IPv6 Routing: Multiprotocol BGP Extensions for IPv6

IPv6 Routing: Multiprotocol BGP Link-local Address Peering

IPv6 Routing: OSPF for IPv6 (OSPFv3)

IPv6 Routing: RIP for IPv6 (RIPng)

IPv6 Routing: Route Redistribution

IPv6 Routing: Static Routing

IPv6 Services: AAAA DNS Lookups over an IPv4 Transport

IPv6 Services: Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) - IPv6 Address Family Support for Neighbor Information

IPv6 Services: DNS Lookups over an IPv6 Transport

IPv6 Services: Extended Access Control Lists

IPv6 Services: Standard Access Control Lists

IPv6 Stateless Auto-configuration

IPv6 Switching: CEF/dCEF Support

IPv6 Switching: CEFv6 Switched Automatic IPv4-compatible Tunnels

IPv6 Switching: CEFv6 Switched Configured IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnels

IPv6 Switching: CEFv6 Switched ISATAP Tunnels

IPv6 Tunneling: Automatic 6to4 Tunnels

IPv6 Tunneling: Automatic IPv4-compatible Tunnels

IPv6 Tunneling: IPv6 over IPv4 GRE Tunnels

IPv6 Tunneling: ISATAP Tunnel Support

IPv6 Tunneling: Manually Configured IPv6 over IPv4 Tunnels

IPv6: Anycast Address

IPv6: ICMPv6

IPv6: ICMPv6 Redirect

IPv6: Neighbor Discovery Duplicate Address Detection

IS-IS Caching of Redistributed Routes

IS-IS HMAC-MD5 Authentication

IS-IS Incremental Shortest Path First (i-SPF) Support

IS-IS Limit on Number of Redistributed Routes

IS-IS Mechanism to Exclude Connected IP Prefix from LSP Advertisements

IS-IS Multiarea Support

IS-IS Support for IP Route Tags

IS-IS Support for Priority-Driven IP Prefix RIB Installation




Layer 2 Local Switching - ATM to Ethernet

Layer 2 Local Switching - ATM to Frame Relay (FR) with Interworking

Link Fragmentation and Interleaving (LFI) for Frame Relay and ATM Virtual Circuits

Loadsharing IP packets over more than six parallel paths

Lock and Key

Low Latency Queueing (LLQ)

Low Latency Queueing (LLQ) for Frame Relay

Memory Threshold Notifications

Message Banners for AAA Authentication

MGCP - Media Gateway Control Protocol

MLPPP - Multilink PPP

Modular QoS CLI (MQC)

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

MPLS Class of Service (CoS) Enhancements

MPLS Diff-Serv-Aware Traffic Engineering (DS-TE)

MPLS Egress NetFlow Accounting

MPLS EM - MPLS TE MIB Trap Notifications

MPLS Label Switch Controller (LSC) and Enhancements

MPLS LDP - Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)

MPLS LDP - MIB Notifications

MPLS Traceroute

MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE)

MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) - Automatic bandwidth adjustment for TE tunnels

MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) - Configurable Path Calculation Metric for Tunnels

MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) - Interarea Tunnels

MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) - IP Explicit Address Exclusion

MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) - OSPF Support

MPLS Traffic Engineering (TE) - Scalability Enhancements

MPLS Traffic Engineering Forwarding Adjacency

MPLS VPN - Inter-Autonomous System Support


MPLS VPN - VRF Selection based on Source IP Address

MPLS VPN Carrier Supporting Carrier

MPLS VPN Carrier Supporting Carrier - IPv4 BGP Label Distribution


MPLS VPN Inter-AS - IPv4 BGP Label Distribution

MSDP compliance with IETF RFC 3618

Multi-protocol BGP (MP-BGP) - MPLS VPN

Multicast BGP (MBGP)

Multicast Fast Switching Performance Improvement

Multicast Routing Monitor (MRM)

Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP)

Multicast-VPN: Multicast Support for MPLS VPN

Named Method Lists for AAA Authorization and Accounting

NBAR - Network-based Application Recognition


NetFlow Aggregation

NetFlow Export of BGP Nexthop Information

Netflow Input Filters and Multi-Sampling rates

Network Services Engine (NSE)

Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)

NSF Awareness - EIGRP

On Demand Routing (ODR)


OSPF Area Transit Capability

OSPF Flooding Reduction

OSPF Forwarding Address Suppression in Translated Type-5 LSAs

OSPF Inbound Filtering using Route Maps with a Distribute List

OSPF Incremental Shortest Path First (i-SPF) Support

OSPF Limit on Number of Redistributed Routes

OSPF Link State Database Overload Protection

OSPF Link-local Signaling (LLS) Per Interface Basis

OSPF MIB Support of RFC 1850 and Latest Extensions

OSPF Not-So-Stubby Areas (NSSA)

OSPF On Demand Circuit (RFC 1793)

OSPF Packet Pacing

OSPF Sham-Link Support for MPLS VPN

OSPF Shortest Paths First Throttling

OSPF Support for Fast Hellos

OSPF Support for Forwarding Adjacencies over MPLS Traffic Engineered Tunnels

OSPF Support for Link State Advertisement (LSA) Throttling

OSPF Support for Multi-VRF on CE Routers

OSPF Support for Unlimited Software VRFs per Provider Edge (PE) Router

OSPF Update Packet-Pacing Configurable Timers

PAD Subaddressing

Parse Bookmarks

Parser Cache

Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)

PBR Support for Multiple Tracking Options

Per-User Configuration

Per-VC queuing for ATM

Performance Enhancements for IOS ACL

PIM Dense Mode State Refresh

PIM MIB Extension for IP Multicast

PIM Multicast Scalability

PIM Version 1

PIM Version 2

Policy-Based Routing (PBR)


PPP over ATM

PPP over ATM (IETF-Compliant)


PPP over Frame Relay

Priority Queueing (PQ)

PSTN Fallback

QoS Device Manager (QDM)

QoS for Virtual Private Networks

QoS Packet Marking

QoS Policy Propagation via Border Gateway Protocol (QPPB)

QSIG Protocol Support


RADIUS Attribute 44 (Accounting Session ID) in Access Requests

RADIUS for Multiple User Datagram Protocol Ports

Random Early Detection (RED)

Response Time Reporter (RTR)

Response Time Reporter (RTR) enhancements

RGMP - Router-Port Group Management Protocol


RMON events and alarms

Router Security Audit Manageability

RSVP - Resource Reservation Protocol

RSVP Refresh Reduction and Reliable Messaging

RSVP Support for Frame Relay

RSVP support for LLQ

RTP Header Compression

RTP Header Compression over Satellite Links

Selective Packet Discard (SPD)

Selective Virtual-Access Interface Creation


Silent Operation Mode

Single Rate 3-Color Marker for Traffic Policing

Snapshot routing

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)

SNMP Inform Request

SNMP Manager

SNMP Support for IOS vLAN Subinterfaces


SNMPv3 (SNMP Version 3)

Source Specific Multicast (SSM) - IGMPv3,IGMP v3lite, and URD

Source Specific Multicast (SSM) Mapping

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Extension

SRB - Source Route Bridging Enhancements

Standard IP Access List Logging

Subnetwork Bandwidth Manager (SBM)

Suppress BGP Advertisement for Inactive Routes

Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS)

T.38 Fax Relay for VoIP H.323

Tacacs SENDAUTH function

Tacacs Single Connection

TCP Intercept

Time-Based Access Lists

Time-Based Access Lists Using Time Ranges(ACL)

TN3270 LU Nailing

TN3270 Server

TN3270 Server (CIP only)

TN3270 Server Connectivity Enhancements

TO BE DELETED from JFIT-jrider18

Transparent Bridging

Transparent CCS and Frame Forwarding Enhancements

Transparent Common Channel Signaling (T-CCS)

Triggered RIP

Tunnel Type of Service (TOS)

Turbo Access Control Lists

Turbo Flooding of UDP Datagrams

UDI - Unique Device Identifier

Uni-Directional Link Routing (UDLR)

Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF)

User Maximum Links

Virtual Interface Template Service

Virtual Profile CEF Switched

Virtual Profiles

Warm Reload

WCCP Redirection on Inbound Interfaces

WCCP Version 1

WCCP Version 2

Weighted Fair Queueing (WFQ)

Weighted RED (WRED)

x Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) Bridge Support


X.25 Calling Address Insertion and Removal Based on Input Interface

X.25 Closed User Group

X.25 Failover

X.25 over Frame Relay (Annex G)

X.25 over TCP (XOT)

X.25 Switch Local Acknowledgement

X.25 Switching between PVCs and SVCs