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Pair of Nexus 7010 - Randomly drop packets for certain SRC/DST IP when create new VLAN


We have a pair of NEXUS 7010, version 6.0(2), in a hybrid enviroment, connect to VPC and non-VPC access switches.

We use VTP version 2, I have checked carefully on every switches , they run the same version, same domain with same password.


We tried to creat a vlan by issuing  command "vlan name" on 1 of the Nexus 7010


Right after the vlan command entered:

- From syslog server I received this on ALL port channels

%ETHPORT-3-IF_ERROR_VLANS_SUSPENDED: VLANs 63 on Interface port-channel9 are being suspended. (Reason: Vlan is not allowed on Peer-link)

- The new VLAN I just created is not populated on the 2nd Nexus or the rest of the switches

- The whole network randomly drop connections by Source/Destination IP address. Not every workstations lost network connections.

  For example: We have a subnet that has 200 computers, about 70 of them lost connectivity as soon as I created the VLAN. You can’t even ping SOME of them from the same layer2 subnet. All those 70 didn’t respond to ping from a difference VLAN.

- I tried to restart Secondary VPC – Nexus 1, that brought back about 30 of the workstations. I can ping them from same vlan and difference vlans

- I then restarted Primary VPC – NEXUS 2, brought all workstations back online.

- This happened to multiple VLAN and subnet with multiple computers , not just 1 VLAN above.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Pair of Nexus 7010 - Randomly drop packets for certain SRC/DST I

Have u got resolution.. we are struggling with similar issue and working hard to get rid of it.. pl. share if u get something useful..

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