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Password-reset SM-ES2-24 issues.

Hi Everyone,

So i have an unusual issue here. I was able to successfully configure a SM-ES2-24 service-module on a Cisco 2911 router, however in that configuration i think i messed up the "line con 0" configuration to make it require local authentication to get in.

My issue now is that i did not use the "username admin password xxxx" command on the service-module. When trying to issue the "service-module gi1/0 password-reset" command it will not take me to the recovery process, it would only continue to ask me for a username/password.

Is there any way to force this service module to factory defaults, or load a blank config from the router onto the service module?

Any help would be awesome.

Thanks in advance.


Password-reset SM-ES2-24 issues.

Please disregard my question above.

I was able to solve this issue on my own by using the following;

Router(config)# aaa new-model

Router(config)# aaa authentication smodule none

Router(config)# line 67

Router(config-line)# loging authentication smodule

Router(config-line)# end

Router#service-module gi1/0 password-reset

Router#service-module g1/0 session

Then you will be given the "switch:" prompt


Password-reset SM-ES2-24 issues.

Thanks to Gian-Luca Casella for the information!

Had the same problem, but I am running IOS ver Version 15.3(2)T1.

I had to alter my commands like so:


aaa new-model

aaa authentication login default none


line 67

login authenticaion default


service-module g1/0 session


I was then able to get the Switch: prompt.

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