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PBR and MQC implemented together

Essam Ahmad
Level 1
Level 1


I need to apply changes to our production network, but I need to fully recognize the impacts for these changes before implementation, briefly we have MQC applied on interface Gi 0/0 and we need to add PBR on the same interface, what are the pre-cautions and conflicts that may happen? and how do PBR rules work with MQC together?

You'll find here below the current configuration (not bold) and the changes which should be applied (bold)

class-map match-any copy

match access-group 150 access-list

class-map match-any icmp

match protocol icmp

class-map match-any http

match protocol secure-http

match protocol http

match protocol telnet

match protocol dns

match protocol smtp

match protocol pop3

match protocol imap



policy-map IMPORTANT

class http

    bandwidth percent 50

class icmp

    priority percent 15

class copy

   police cir 18000000 bc 625000

     conform-action transmit

     exceed-action drop

interface GigabitEthernet0/0

description CONNECTED-TO-LAN

bandwidth 45000

ip address

no ip redirects

no ip unreachables

no ip proxy-arp

ip flow ingress

ip route-cache same-interface

duplex auto

speed auto

no mop enabled

service-policy output IMPORTANT

ip policy route-map DATA_TRAN_MAP



route-map DATA_TRAN_MAP permit 10

match ip address FTP_ACL

set ip next-hop

set ip next-hop verify-availability



ip access-list extended FTP_ACL

permit tcp eq 445

permit tcp eq ftp

permit tcp eq ftp-data

permit icmp host

2 Accepted Solutions

Accepted Solutions

John Blakley
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I don't think you'll have a problem. PBR happens before queueing, so you'll hit the route map before it has to apply your qos policy. Once you apply it, just make sure that you're still getting hits on the policy afterwards.


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cadet alain
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


your MQC is applied outbound and your PBR is applied inbound and MQC is for LLQ and policing in your case while PBR is for overriding the routing table lookup for forwarding inbound traffic so these 2 features shouldn't interact and there should be no problem setting the PBR on the interface.



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John Blakley
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni