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per vlan bpdufilter on trunk port


is it possible to configure per vlan bpdufilter on trunk port? I need bpdufilter on some vlans but not on all of them.


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what is the use case here for this  ? explain more..there may be some alternatives.


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xconnect to remote side and L2TP backup route ... for VLANS that has same ID on both side I can use parallel tunnel with BPDUs and STP, but for VLANs with different IDs I have to filter BPDUs and use inbuilt xconnect backup. Of course that another SWITCH - ROUTER connection is alternative ... one with bpdufilter and one without it, but it would be great if there is per vlan bpdufilter on trunk port function

different VLAN do you try VLAN rewrite ?

no .... have to test it first, hope it translates BPDUs

MHM Cisco World
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I think no, trunk have many vlan and run bpdufilter make all trunk vlan enable bpdufilter ont only one.

But to be sure what is your switch model and ver.

paul driver
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Yes it is and the trunk can carry just the necessay vlan you wish to traverse it,
One reason for its usefulness can come in to play when you are performing migrations from old and new core switches, as such you would require a trunk in-between the two cores and not want that trunk to transition into a stp blocking state when you half way through migration having services running on old and new.


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