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Please explain show memory command.

Hello there. 

this is my show memory ouput. 

Can you explain this to me?

Switch#show memory
                   Head              Total(b)            Used(b)           Free(b)            Lowest(b)           Largest(b)
Processor   49FDAFC       175385656        51786792         123598864       121042232          104277800
      I/O          E000000       16777216          12976960          3800256          3602416              3753836
Driver te        2C00000       4194304             44                   4194260          4194260              4194260

What do these Processor, I/O, Driver te mean?

and what do you usually check with this command? Used and Free?? or all of these?

Thank you in advance. 

VIP Mentor



processor is amount of memory used by each system process / the I/O is the input /outout memory being used

You should read this if your going to be looking into memory issues

also use the output interpretor on the cisco website to calculate memory you can post the whole output in to see if theres an issues and it will also work everything out into a percentage

From your extract , if you post the whole lot in Output tool it will break it down for you

INFO: Processor memory utilization is 29.52738%. INFO: Processor memory or main memory stores the running configuration and routing tables. The Cisco IOS software executes from main memory. INFO: The amount of processor memory required by the router is affected by the Cisco IOS version used, the size of the network and by the access list configurations. Ensure that an optimal IOS version has been chosen. INFO: The smallest amount of free processor memory used since the last boot is 121042232 byte(s). INFO: The size of largest amount of processor memory free block currently available is 104277800 byte(s). INFO: For detailed memory analysis with respect to specific processes, consider pasting "show processes memory" output to Output Interpreter. INFO: If you are trying to determine the amount of installed memory on your device, paste the output of "show version" to Output Interpreter.

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