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port redirection ( ur help needed )

Hi guys, i am faced with a problem in which i want your expertise, my

scenario is like this

i have a router with 3 interfaces

F0/0 is connected to ISP 1 (primary link)

F0/1 is connected to ISP 2 (backup link )

F0/2 is connected to firewall

Internet traffic is mainly receieved on the primary link, the task

that i am given is that ALL the traffic that is arriving on Router

should be forwarded to firewall !!, we tried to use PBR but it didnt

worked but i will appreciate if you can still take it as an option and

try it coz its possible we might be making some mistake in configuring

PBR, but just in case if PBR doesnt work is this task possible ?? i


no disrespect to any1 out here but please dont ask that why we want to

do it its some design issue as far as i know, so kindly tell me that is

it possible via any method ???

Thanks a lot in advance

waiting for positive feedback

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Re: port redirection ( ur help needed )

Let's see your sanitized config.


Re: port redirection ( ur help needed )

my config is not much complex its very basic

hostname Router

interface fas 0/0

ip address x.x.x.x mask

no sh

int fas 0/1

ip address x.x.x.x mask

no sh

int fas 0/2

description itS_connected_to_firewall

ip address x.x.x.x mask

no sh

this is a very basic config i have written since i dont have the original config, what i am after is the technique by which we can forward traffic that is recieved on one interface to some other interface, for that do you still need the config ?? if there is anyway or feature in ios that can do it kindly share it with me


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Re: port redirection ( ur help needed )

interface f0/0

ip policy route-map incoming

route-map incoming

set ip next-hop [firewall ip]


Re: port redirection ( ur help needed )

Sir i have tried it already but what i must conclude is that if the destination is routers own connected interface ip then it will not policy route it, becoz i have tried it by saying that see

access-list 111 permit ip any host (f0/0 ip )

route-map incoming

match ip address 111

set ip next-hop firewall-ip

int f 0/0

ip policy route-map incoming

now when from other router i ping this routers f0/0 interface it replies successfully and when i run debug it shows policy-rejected normal-forwarding

any ideas regarding my conclusion ???

thanks in advance

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Re: port redirection ( ur help needed )

Please post the config you are currently working on, along with debugs.

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