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Port Security Unknown Activation

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I have a switchport that for an unknown reason is tripping port security.  I have not been able to find out why.  There is a single desktop on the physical port (ip configuration attached), with only a single NIC connected to this port.  As soon as I issue the switchport "port-security" and "

switchport port-security mac-address sticky" commands, the port errors out..

I have attached some diagnostics showing various things as well..  I do want ports to shutdown when a foreign mac is detected, but this port is clear prior to that happending.  Any assistance or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Hi Jeremy,

    Are you able to run 'show port-security address' on the switch and place the output here? Thanks

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Hi Jeremy,

    Are you able to run 'show port-security address' on the switch and place the output here? Thanks

Sure, here first is with PS removed from that port:

switch#show port-security address

          Secure Mac Address Table


Vlan    Mac Address       Type                     Ports   Remaining Age


----    -----------       ----                     -----   -------------

651    0006.5b8c.17fc    SecureSticky             Gi2/1        -

651    0013.7267.2c75    SecureSticky             Gi2/3        -

651    00c0.9f3b.01cc    SecureSticky             Gi2/4        -

501    0013.725f.5706    SecureSticky             Gi2/5        -

651    1cc1.de09.b864    SecureSticky             Gi2/6        -

709    0004.23aa.bc48    SecureSticky             Gi2/7        -

652    1cc1.def0.1028    SecureSticky             Gi2/8        -

651    0015.17ba.8d80    SecureSticky             Gi2/9        -

277    0013.725f.5707    SecureSticky             Gi2/11       -

277    000f.1f69.d14d    SecureSticky             Gi2/12       -

709    0026.5529.ec4a    SecureSticky             Gi2/13       -

709    0026.5529.ec42    SecureSticky             Gi2/14       -

653    001c.c4c7.77b0    SecureSticky             Gi2/15       -

653    68b5.99e9.987e    SecureSticky             Gi2/15       -

401    001f.2918.2407    SecureSticky             Gi2/17       -

653    0021.5a66.3ecb    SecureSticky             Gi2/18       -

501    001a.4b74.765a    SecureSticky             Gi2/23       -

501   001c.c4ad.cd28    SecureSticky             Gi2/25       -

501    0015.c5a8.2eb0    SecureSticky             Gi2/29       -

277    00a0.c901.0101    SecureSticky             Gi2/45       -

277    00a0.c901.0102    SecureSticky             Gi2/46       -

277    0001.5800.33ec    SecureSticky             Gi2/47       -


Total Addresses in System (excluding one mac per port)     : 1

Max Addresses limit in System (excluding one mac per port) : 3072

In doing so, I found the above highlighted...  Once I cleared the mac from this port, all is well.  I thought I had already done this and checked elsewhere on the switch for that mac, but I guess not (and the onsite admin informed me it had not been moved...).

Thanks much for your reply.  It helped me track it down another way from which I thought I had already done.  Appreciated!

you're welcome, glad to be of help

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