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Problem creating a port-channel with 40G and 4x10G modules.

Pedro Valor


I'm trying to configure a port-channel between two 6807xl chassis, I have got  a 40G module and 4x10G in each of them, I would like creating a port-channel between the two devices using that five ports (40+4x10=80G), I create the port-channel but when I try to configure the ports to join the PoCh I get an error. If I configure until 8x10G there is no problem, but if I configure first the 40G port and then the rest of the ports, I only can join 3 more of them and I get the next error:


Router(config)#int fo1/1

Router(config-if)#channel-group 250 mode on

Command rejected (Port-channel250, Fo1/1): Channel group limit reached


I guest there is a limitation using 40G and 10G ports, could someone confirm that???


Thank you very much in advance.


Pedro Valor.



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Charles Hill
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Rising star

Hey Pedro,

40 Gigabit Ethernet Mode

A maximum of four 40 Gigabit Ethernet links, whether on one module or spread across multiple modules, is allowed in a single EtherChannel.

This does not affect other modules or EtherChannels in the system.

This is due to the fact that we need to use some resources for the egress load-balancing between Replication ASICs.


Hope this helps,

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Hi Charles,

thank you for your answer.


It's something that I don't understand, is it possible create one single port-channel using 1x40G module and 4x10G in each chassis?? I attached a image.


Can I combine 40G and 10G together in a single etherchannel??


Thank you very much.