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Problems with APIC-EM Plug and Play (PnP) module and default images



we are facing a problem with the Cisco APIC-EM Network Plug and Play module. We are using this module to
deploy configuration and images to switches in a zero touch matter. For this we defined default images
in the tab "Images".


In the moment the default image for all our C2960L switches is the image "c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-6.E1.bin".

Because we have to change the default image I performed the following steps:


1. Network Plug and Play > Images.
2. With the upload button I uploaded the image c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-7.E2.bin to the PnP module.
3. Clicked on the Image c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-7.E2.bin link.
4. Selected the Platform C2960L from the drop-down list.
5. My test switch is a C2906L-24-PS-LL. So I marked the checkbox for the Product ID "WS-C2960L-24PS" and clicked the Save button.
6. It took a moment and then in the image list the Product ID "WS-C2960L-24PS" is seen behind the image c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-7.E2.bin.


Related to the configuration guides this should be sufficient for the configuration.


Now I tested a deployment of a switch with an current image c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-6.E1.bin. So I
deleted all existing configuration and reloaded the switch.


In the logs I can see then that the deployment is running smoothly and as planned except of the
image upgrade. I get always the message: "Image was not updated to c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-6.E1.bin
since device is already running the same image". Whatever I do this message is always shown and the image
stays or will be changed to c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-6.E1.bin . I tried to set the 15.2.7E2 image as default
image for all C2960L models but no change. I updated the switch in advance to version 15.2.7E1(<- 1 not 2)
but still in the process the image will be downgraded to c2960l-universalk9-mz.152-6.E1.bin. It looks like
something is really stucked in the configuration.


Has anyone seen a similiar or have an idea what I can do?


We are using the following versions in the moment:

APIC-EM Version
Network Plug and Play

Thanks a lot in advance


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