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QOS for New VoIP System

Our company is running through a new VoIP system installation. We are migrating from a Nortel PBX (with Symposium installation for our call center) and during this process decided to go with a Mitel VoIP Phone System.

In the process of the project, I have gone through and upgraded my switching environment to Cisco 2960S PoE (740W) switches. The only thing I haven't replaced as of this time is the Network Core itself which is a 4507R with dual Sup IV's (X4515) in it.

I have configured QOS on the 2960's where we will have the VoIP Servers, end-user workstations and telephones connected but do I need to configure QOS on the core as well? If so, how would I go about this as the documentation that I am using for the configuration requirement on Mitel's end is all related to mls commands which the 4507R doesn't seem to support. I am running IOS 122-54.SG1 on the 4507R right now so I don't think there is anything else I can do from an upgrade perspective to get mls qos functionality.

Anyways, I digress. I hope some of you can give me a hand with this configuration in the time being. Next year (slotted for later in the 2012 year) I will be upgrading to dual Nexus 5548UP's to replace our existing core and then putting in two 2960S 10-gig switches (no power) for the server connectivity. So hopefully this point will be moot at that time.

Thanks to everyone in advance!


This is a document recommended to me for part (or all, not 100% sure) of the qos configuration on the 4507R.

Florin Barhala
Frequent Contributor

First of all do you need QoS in your existing network?

You would use QoS for avoiding congestion and traffic prioritizing but not everywhere these bad things happen.

Mainly you need to mark/paint traffic on your switches and prioritize it where congestion occurs. If your core routers doesn't experience and congestion you just let traffic pass through and follow it up to the congestion point.

Finally check your running IOS to see what kind of QoS supports; if not mls related it should eventually allow you other configs/QoS related.