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Dear allwe have 3 Cisco SMB SGE2010P 48 port Gigabyte switch and another 1 Cisco WS-C3750G-PS-S Switch and the Cisco 3750G is the Root Switch and Core too.but when i create vlan's in the 3750G switch and i have configured 2 ports of the switch port a...

Hi All,I have cisco 6513 and cisco 7609. I want ro resolve both my router and switch's hostname when I ping them.For eg: If I ping the IP address of my router, instead of replying from its IP, router must reply through its hostname.Hos is it possible...

rite2anil by Level 1
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Hello, My name is La Marr     I am having trouble configuring an ip address on a 1841 cisco router in fa0/1.  All my devices are talking to one another, but I cannot ping the entire network because I cannot assign the ip address to fa0/1 on the route...

Hi,I am planning to design the network for video traffic movement . attached digaram designed for in this regard. could you please check and notify me if i am on the right track .Thanks in adavnce Any help is much appreciatedThanks

Shibu1978 by Level 1
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HI all,CPU utilization of Switch found as 90-95 % after converting switch from CAT OS to IOS...PLs find details below..*************************************************************************************************IOS :s72033-ipservicesk9_wan-vz.12...

Hi All,There is a request from one of our customers to convert CatOS to Cisco IOS System Software which runs on Catalyst 6500 Series Switch. In order to run the latest IOS it is required to upgrade DRAM (128MB to 256MB).  Switch hardware and software...

Does anyone know if rate limiting will work on a 2924XL?  The switch is running IOS 12.0 (5).  If anyone happens to know whether or not this can be done, can you please provide the command?Thanks!! KJ

Recently I've been creating redundancy to switches that our servers connect  to. I've been creating a redundant link by connecting them to our secondary root switch. One 6509 is the primary for all VLANs. That will change soon, hopefully.I've been co...

I have a WRT54GH connected to my main computer and cable/modem, and it cascades into a WRT54G LAN-LAN via Ethernet Cable.  Both work fine, and each has a different name and IP address.  They are placed in different parts of the house.When I configure...


Hi FolksWith two 6509-E Based VSS , do i still need 2 FWSM and 2 IDSM-2,coz the VSS makes logicaly two switch in one switch

The primary switching network in our company is a hub and spoke topology and consists largely on Cisco 3750s. We use this to carry our main corporate network.We also have what is refered to as the Contractors network. We use this network for, yep you...

I have the following configuration, trying to tag some routes on a core switch and the route-map tag is not being applied/advertised, i am wondering if the config is missing something?The route –map is configured as follows: route-map STAT-Redist p...