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QoS implementation C7609


Im having difficulties to get the QoS configurations working on a Cisco 7609 chassis with the sup720 supervisor card.

The goal is to do some shaping and queuing in the upstream towards the device in the subnet on this interface vlan.

Problem of the configuration

class-map match-any class-prio5
match ip precedence 5
match mpls experimental topmost 5
class-map match-any class-prio1
match ip precedence 1

match mpls experimental topmost 1

policy-map policy-p20-40-egress
class class-prio5
bandwidth percent 20
class class-prio1
bandwidth percent 40
class class-default

MLS QoS is enabled

Trying to get the policy enabled on the interface vlan (in or output) does not work and I receive the following error

cr1.ams2(config)#int vlan 467
cr1.ams2(config-if)#service-policy output policy-p20-40-egress
bandwidth percent command is not supported in output direction for this interface
Configuration failed!
cr1.ams2(config-if)#service-policy input policy-p20-40-egress
bandwidth percent command is not supported in input direction for this interface
Configuration failed!

Trying to figure out why this does not work hasn't delivered me the desired results or satisfying answer.

What could I do to understand the problem and most off all to get it working. All the advice is welcom!

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QoS implementation C7609

Only certain interfaces on the 6500/7600 support shaping and the bandwidth commands. On the vlan interface and many ethernet physical interfaces these are not supported and you need to use PFC QOS.

PFC QOS will allow policing and also allows you to configure queues on the outbound interfaces. See this link for config details and examples -


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Re: QoS implementation C7609

Hi. I'd like to add a question on this.

I have 1 GE interface with multiple sub-interface for different customers. I'm using 6748 line card. Since PFC QOS is the one supported, how will I provide QOS for these customers? I basically want to shape, prioritize voice, guaratee bandwidth for net mgmt / routing and best effor for data per sub-interface. Each sub-interface will be given a max-limit of bandwidth.

7600 only allows to police per sub-interface. Is this the limitation on the linecard itself?

what other options do I have to apply shaping on these sub-interfaces??


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