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QoS on Catalyst 4948 (10GE)


I am working on updating our QoS settings and recently noticed one of our backup data centers had never had it activated. The switch is a 4948 with 2 x 10GE uplink interfaces, running IOS 15.0(2)SG11.


The first thing I noticed is that this is much more difficult than MQC. However, I've got a  lingering questions, and also hoping someone could clarify my understanding.

1. Can I do layer 3 DSCP marking using ACL matches on trunk ports? We have 10Gig trunk ports connecting to our UCS/VMware environment, so lots of traffic coming in from them. Is there any problem with using layer 3 ACLs to set the dscp values inbound on a layer 2 trunk port?


2. To configure egress queueing on this thing, there seems to be only two steps. Can someone confirm that all that is needed is to configure the " qos map dscp"lines, then apply them to interfaces. LIke this?

qos map dscp 46 to tx-queue 1
qos map dscp 10 18 to tx-queue 3
qos map dscp 0 to tx-queue 4


Then I just need to apply the tx-queues to the interfaces, like so:

Switch(config)# interface t1/49
Switch(config-if)# tx-queue 1
Switch(config-if)# priority 
Switch(config-if)# end

So, the question is, are these all the steps that are needed on this platform?

3. One other thing is that I actually configured cs3 to tx-queue 2, like this, but it won't show up in my config. Why is that?

qos map dscp 24 to tx-queue 2



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