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Switch performance specs


I am looking at switch specs.


What specifically does PPS mean and how do you come to the throughput Gbps on say for example a 48 ports switch?


If a 48 ports switch has 1 Gig interfaces and up and down combined would yield 96 Gbps is this correct?


Can it be higher? Is it lower due to what?

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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
Its packets per second PPS
It depends on the switch fabric backplane behind the ports , there broken into ratio/contention so even though you have 48gb ports there unlikely wire speed that you would get unless your fabric is more than the 48gb in total , the data sheets usually say what there capable of , depending on platform or blade you get a ratio , maybe 3:1 unlike some DC switches like some 5ks where you will get wire speed 1:1

all, depends on the make and model and what it is specked at but if you have a 48 port with fabric 32 your going to have contention issues if there all trying to push max at the same time

So you need to check the data sheet for each switch and what its capable of and you can also check on certain switches what are the ASIC to port mappings per switch
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