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Question about VTP, VLAN and remote switchport assignation

Level 1
Level 1

Hey, i'm new to the concept of vlan and vtp.

I'm triyng to understand its uses and limitations, cause I'm working on my networking classes practices.

Now here's what I'm tring to do and where I'm stuck:

I'm wondering how (or even i it is possible) to manage wich ports of VTP client switches are assigned to a particular VLAN. I mean, let's suppose I have 3 VLAN in server switch, and a bunch of VTP client switches, and I want to assign port a, b, c from client 1 to VLAN 1 and ports p,q,r to VLAN 3; then in client 2 configure ports i,j to vlan 1 and x, y to VLAN 2, and so on...

Is that possible?, how do I make that port (or port range) "X" in switch "A" to VLAN "W" assignment?

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Level 8
Level 8

VTP allows you to define VLANs on a server switch and have the client switches learn about the new VLAN dynamically. VTP does not assign ports to VLANs. You still need to go to the individual switch to do that.

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thanks a lot for the reply, very helpful.

one more question, if VTP can't assign ports to VLANs, is there any centralized way to manage port assignment of all switches?

Thank you a lot in advance!

As already mentioned, VTP synchronises vlan information only across all switches. It doesnt pass the port assignment.

You can assign a range of ports to a specific vlan with range command:

"interface range gi0/1 - 15

switchport mode access

switchport access vlan x

However u can access switchports to vlans dynamically with VMPS.

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