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recover username and password for 870 series router

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how do i recover username and password for 870 series router

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Brian Meade
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The above link covers resetting the password or secret password, but no mention of what to do if you don't know the Username. Anyone tell me how to get this, or how to reset to another Username?


Follow these steps in order to recover your password:

  1. Attach a terminal or PC with terminal emulation to the console port of the router.

    Use these terminal settings:

    • 9600 baud rate

    • No parity

    • 8 data bits

    • 1 stop bit

    • No flow control

    The required console cable specifications are described in Cabling Guide for Console and AUX Ports.

  2. Use the power switch in order to turn off the router, and then turn the router back on.

  3. Press Break on the terminal keyboard within 60 seconds of power up in order to put the router into ROMMON.

    If the break sequence does not work, refer to Standard Break Key Sequence Combinations During Password Recovery for other key combinations.

  4. Type set at the boot# prompt, and record the current value of the configuration register.

    boot#set set baud           =9600 set data-bits      =8 set parity         =none     set stop-bits      =1 set console-flags  =0 set mac-address    =0050.7307.C329 set unit-ip        =      set serv-ip        =      set netmask        =      set gate-ip        =     set pkt-timeout    =8 set tftp-timeout   =16 set boot-action    =flash set file-name      ="c800-nsy6-mw.122-10b.bin"      set watchdog       =off set prompt         ="boot"      set ios-conf       =0x2102 !--- The ios-conf variable sets the value for the !--- configuration register. Record this value.

  5. Type set ios-conf = 142 at the boot# prompt.

    Note: The best setting is 142 if the Flash is intact. If the Flash is not installed or is erased, use 141. With this setting, you can view or erase the configuration, but you cannot change the password.

  6. Type boot at the boot# prompt in order to initialize the router.

    The router reboots, but ignores the saved configuration.

  7. Type no after each setup question, or press Ctrl-C in order to skip the initial setup procedure.

  8. Type enable at the Router> prompt.

    Once the Router# prompt appears, you are in enable mode.

  9. Type configure memory or copy startup-config running-config in order to copy the nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) into memory.

    Important: Do not type copy running-config startup-config or write. These commands erase your startup configuration.

  10. Type show running-config.

    The show running-config command shows the configuration of the router. In this configuration, the shutdown command appears under all interfaces, which indicates all interfaces are currently shut down. In addition, the passwords (enable password, enable secret, vty, console passwords) are in either an encrypted or unencrypted format. You can reuse unencrypted passwords. You must change encrypted passwords to a new password.

  11. Type configure terminal.

    The hostname(config)# prompt appears.

  12. Type enable secret in order to change the enable secret password. For example:

    hostname(config)#enable secret cisco

  13. Issue the no shutdown command on every interface that you use.

    If you issue a show ip interface brief command, every interface that you want to use displays up up.

  14. Type config-register . Where configuration_register_setting is either the value you recorded in step 2 or 0x2102 . For example:

    hostname(config)#config-register 0x2102

  15. Press Ctrl-z or end in order to leave the configuration mode.

    The hostname# prompt appears.

  16. Type write mem or copy running startup in order to commit the changes.

  17. Type reload.

    Once the router reloads, the configuration register value changes from 0x142 to 0x2102.

Thank you for that, but when I logon at the moment with HyperTerminal, I am faced with the following:

Press RETURN to get started

User Access Verification



Even if I reset the secret password, how do I find what the username is?


Even if I reset the secret password, how do I find what the username is?

You can create a new Username/Password of your choice when you perform password recovery.

IF this is a brand new router and you want to start from scratch, look behind the 870 router.  There's a RESET button.  Power down the router, hold down the reset button, and power up the router.  Wait for 5 seconds before releasing the reset button.

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